Petes Incredible DEAL for ViralInstigator 3


Hi Everyone,

After the overwhelming support we have received from the Internet Marketing Community in response to our request for beta testers, we have decided to show our support back,

By Releasing VI 3 for

Only $7, Yep only 7 bucks, allowing you to make amazing Adsense websites like this one


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Imagine being able to create 100’s of these each and every day, limited to 1000 VI blogs per day.

Finally one software application that does pretty much all required to get your Adsense income going

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Quick feature list VI 3 provides you.

  • Provides Adsense keywords/niches
  • Templates
  • Articles which are unique.
  • RSS and SE unique feeds.
  • Niche related Images
  • Niche related Video content
  • Great Internal linking
  • External backlinks via Auto Social Bookmarking Submission.
  • Very fast indexing
  • Longevity in Google
  • All with a few clicks πŸ™‚

Read up on all the NEW features we’ve added to VI 3 to make it the simplest and fastest way to make

money with Adsense available right now on the internet.


We cannot leave it at this crazy price forever. so be one of the lucky ones to get it for $7.

Go to and download VI 3 Right now, you’ll be blown away at all the features

And check in at the forum to get tips and tricks and any help if needed.

Remember the only silly question is that one not asked, There are over 2000 members in this forum some who

may even learn just by seeing your questions.

Strike While the Iron is Hot. Let your friends know about all the VI 3 features via your Affiliate link.

Create one now at VI 3 Affiliate Page So they can get the benefits as well for only $7. while it lasts.


I’m so happy to be able to send you this email, its taken us 3 months to get VI 3 to where it is. now everyone can

get the benefits of VI 3 , and share in our success.


Best Regards


Peter Drew


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