One blog $0 to $24 per day in a week!

Heres a Post from one of my Vi3 Members "the_mouth"
I thought everyone here would find this as useful as I do πŸ™‚
Heres what I did….

1. choose One blog with a keyword that pays over $1.00 per click

2. Find a similar keyword combination with the google results under 1000 when searched for in quotes, this should also have a decent number of searches per month.

results searches

gardening for beginner 1,120,000 895

"gardening for beginner" 587 895

3. write, spin or find a plr article on the subject….add the keyword combination to the article.

4. open an account at Free Classifieds – USFreeads its free ( i a have a paid account which allows unlimited ads)

5. place advertisement using your keyword combination as title and article as ad body with a keyword text and a graphic link back to your vi blog….

For some reason google loves my ads usully get indexed within two-three days with many top ten positions.

I had only ever done this for affiliate sites and never thought to try it with with a vi blog..

on friday (4th may) i placed on 30 different ads using the above method to various different keywords and blogs, visits trickled mostly from people reading ads on the site and clicking through to vi blogs at about 2-3 per day, per blog. Until yesterday i received a top ten in Google for a keyword with 5672 searches a month in overture. Yesterday this one blog received 157 visits with a click thru at 28% 44 ad clicks $24.32 avg 0.55c per click…….today (10th may) earning for this blog is $16.32 and we still have half a day to go.

have just spent all day adding more ads to free ads.. also added a couple of affiliate programs to the blog.

just wanted to show what can be achieved with a little promoting!

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Nice Read huh πŸ™‚

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