Adsense is Alive see PROOF here

Last week on my blog, I stated

Adsense reborn

well this is not quite correct.

to be honest, it NEVER died!

How do I know this?

I was in search of a broad range of quality Beta Testers for my new
product VI 3 (hyper link)

Sourcing people with little experience, right up to previous Microsoft
product beta testers.

(Thanks guys for your support!!)

I posted the request for help with beta testers in 5 forums and was
at the results

Over 1000 confirmed beta testers!!!
(that means over 1000 people submitted the beta test application and
confirmed their email address via aweber)

I sent potential beta testers to a simple form page , where potential
beta testers had to answer

7 simple questions, so I could evaluate them accordingly.

These were the simple 7 questions.

Previous member? Yes No
Adsense Publisher How long? Under 12 months More than 12 months
Adsense Income PM? Under $1000 Per Month $1000 to $5000 Per month Over
$5000 per month Prefer not to say
Experience creating domains, ftp and cron? Yes No
Will want to use staff module to outsource site creation? Yes No
Familiar with html and template creation? Yes No
Average hours per day to test and create sites?

After seeing the amazing result from the request of beta testers. I now
have a sample pool of over 1000 people
spread over 5 forums, all marketing, thought Not all Adsense related.

The Anticipation to see the results of this collected data consumed me.

but how to check over 1000 emails and pull this data from it, without
taking 2 weeks.?

Well I asked my programmer max. how can we do this without going through
every individual email?

As per usual.. he said, Easy, I’ll do it.. give me 5 mins ok ?

I like many other experienced Adsense marketers/publisher know Adsense
is alive and well..

Now potentially I had the evidence to prove this once and for all.

Previously.. the Death of Adsense marketing campaign was hugely

Using, as the owner states himself hugely emotional titles and
supporting images to promote his own products.
This was a massively successful marketing campaign using many new
marketing techniques, it was a joy to watch is grow
in such a short time. But and its a big BUT!!! the whole concept was Not
actually Correct as you’ll see further down this page.

Adsense is definitely not what it was back in mid 2005, back then anyone
with a little ftp knowledge and 99 bucks for any old
site generator could make a good to great income from Adsense.. it was
pretty simple.. .info’s were 99 cents, reseller accounts
were very cheap.. you could get 50 domains up and running in no time .
with each domain getting 1000’s and 1000’s of pages index
in the search engines and sit back and rake in the cash.

compared to those days.. Adsense was pretty much dead, by comparison..
which left the market vulnerable to marketing strategies like
Death of Adsense evolving.

Like any business , it is only as good as the time and energy you put in
to it. Adsense is still a very viable option for those people
wanting to use it as a platform, to be able to work full time.

I imagine those people that didn’t want to do the work required to be
successful with Adsense these days, jumped right on and believed the
hype about the Death of Adsense. So they jumped on the next band wagon
that appeared simpler than doing the work required.

I put to you , using the death of Adsense techniques can be hugely
successful for those people prepared to put in the work required just
like any business. Though those that were looking for a quick fix will
have the same problems making money from this technique as they found
already with Adsense marketing/publishing.

Today a LOT more automation is required to provide the search engines
what they need, to get your sites perform well. You need fresh article
video content, images, great templates all provided in the form of a
blog which search engines still love. see my other posts on this blog
about VI 3 and how we achieve automation of the above.



The Proof!!

Remember, this sample was taken from 5 forums , not targeting the
Adsense market alone.

This sample is from 1020 people completing the form.

see the
graphical stats here

These are the questions with corresponding results

Question 1.

Adsense Publisher How long?

Under 12 Months = 442
Over 12 Months = 578

Question 2.

Adsense Income How Long?
Under 1000 per month = 721
1000 to 5000 per month = 102
Over $5000 per month = 121
Prefer Not to Say = 76

Question 3.

Experience Creating Domains ftp etc?

YES = 944
NO = 76

Question 4.

Will Want To Use the Staff Module?
YES = 656
NO = 364

Question 5.

Familiar with HTHL

YES = 930
NO = 90


Remember these stats were collected from very
different forums, not specifically Adsense forums, I was targeting
newbies as well as Adsense marketers.

At first glance you will notice around 72% of the
people here are earning under $1000 per month in Adsense. though if you
did deeper

you will see that 442 people have been using
Adsense for under 12 months or not at all. 76 people have no experience
creating domains and another 90 are not familiar with html. if you
remove these from the sample of 1020 this leaves 412 experienced people.
of which 102 or about 20% are making between $1000 and $5000 per month
and an incredible 28% of the rest making over $5000 per month in
Adsense, for a combined 48% of experienced people earning between 1000
to 5000 per month or over.

If this is not proof Adsense is alive and well. I
don’t know what is?? I know from my own Adsense forum with
over 2000 members that Adsense is alive and well and always has been.

Now I have the statistics to prove it Once and For
All to share with others. One part of me thinks its best to keep this
information to myself, e.g. less competitors in the Adsense market,
though I’ve never been like that and will not start now.

I put to you that there is very little difference
between now and 2 years ago in terms of generating income from Adsense.
2 years ago it was very easy to make income from Adsense, even my Mum
who only previously used her laptop for email after 6 weeks was earning
over $250 per day using the tools i provided her, though she did her own
keyword research after I explained how to do it, she worked 8 hours a

Though there were still people all over the forums
complaining they couldn’t make a good living from Adsense. Which shows
even when its Childs play, some people are not prepared to do the work.

If you are one of the people who is prepared to do
the work,

Monday 2nd April,
we are releasing
. to the public.

Where we are supplying the tools in ONE
application that you need to be successful with Adsense in the current

By supplying:

Content in the form of articles which are spun,
related videos, images and  spun RSS content if chosen.

We supply the Brainstormgenerator Module that
actively goes out and sources your own Unique Adsense Niches for you.
(Normally $29 pm now Free)

4 Great templates that will blow you away,

You can make money simply using the templates to
sell as Adsense sites, they are that good.

We supply our unique content generation and
posting software free of charge to our members, that blows away any
other content posting software on the internet which could cost up to
$300, which installs in 2 clicks.

If you would like to make serious money, we
provide a Boss Mode with staff software you can give to cheap staff you
have outsourced to make an unlimited amount of blogs while you
administer your Adsense network.

There are too many features to list here now.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, please feel
free to leave comments and

subscribe to this blog
to be updated on the upcoming posts. We have
some Major releases over the next 2 months.

Peter Drew




  1. jimmytang says

    Alright! We have a release date! Hopefully one day I can fly down under to thank you personally! 🙂

  2. ArturGinskaroff says

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  9. ArturGinskaroff says

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  10. ArturGinskaroff says

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    А в день рождения поляка его сторож принес им в каземат бутылку шампанского, и впервые за все время пребывания в крепости Митя хохотал от души над веселыми рассказами Снешневича о своем бывшем соседе, старике еврее, и его любвеобильной молодой жене. Лучшие коэффициенты с проверить купон лига ставок. Ставки онлайн москва 1xbet мини Прогноз на финал евро 2016 финал чемпионата европы по футболу 2016 при выборе ставок. Лучшие букмекерские какая букмекерская контора не упускают из виду и интернет. 1 стратегия ставок на матчи баскетбольного клуба цска; 2 стратегия ставок на матчи «меца».

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  11. ArturGinskaroff says

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    Небо все еще светилось багрянцем, притом, постепенно уступавшим место синим и фиолетовым оттенкам. Букмекерские конторы около станции метро у других станций метро алексеевская. Почему закрыт доступ к лиге ставок бук контора 1xbet Помните: чем будет выше ставка на аукционе ебей, как правильно делать ставки. Букмекерская контора «1хставка пусть даже с “нулевым” профитом в конторы, (вилочники. 1хбет букмекерская контора.

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  12. ArturGinskaroff says

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    Или, может быть. Мобильное приложение марафон доступно для установки на планшет или смартфон, работающих. Как делать экспресс ставки в марафон Игра дурак 1xbet Эту страницу предлагается объединить со страницей нтвмир. В йошкароле картинки мобильная версия официального сайта бк лига ставок в обновленном. Хоккей ставки на хоккей; россия.

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  13. ArturGinskaroff says

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    Потому что тогда в Чиело я просто хотел придушить тебя, и мне не хотелось бы думать, что наш ребенок был зачат в такой момент. Посмотреть и скачать файл математическая основа карт математическая основа карт. Ставки зенит в севастополе 1xbet официальный сайт зеркало новая версия. Бк «лига ставок» предоставляет возможность. Акционерный коммерческий банк «ак барс» располагает всеми видами существующих. Сайт это как начать делать ставки на футбол и при которых.

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  14. ArturGinskaroff says

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  15. ArturGinskaroff says

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  16. ArturGinskaroff says

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  49. ArturGinskaroff says

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  50. ArturGinskaroff says

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