Adsense Accounts Closed How to protect yourself

it appears in the last couple of weeks googleAdsense has has been closing adsense accounts all over the place,

as weve seen here 4 members have lost their accounts.

though this is not related to Vi3 specifically.

This is happening all over the web, I would like to say that VI3 is so powerful that its been personally targetted by the big G. though this is not the case.

my history on the web had one component of generating a lot of income as an affiliate, I learnt very early on, that different affiliates had different promotional policies. We used specific traffic generation strategies.. some companies love these types of strategies, others hated it.

We were using mass volume traffic stategies, that were very effective, we learnt early on.. you need muiltple accounts for every company you work for. so if you loose one account, you use another.

When we got involved in adsense, it was no different. I originally started with 3 accounts. 2 main and 1 test account.

the test account was to test google policy boundaries, I knew I’d loose this account over time and did after 6 months, and was told when I lost it, that they knew about my other accounts, these accounts are still active today

After i found out they did know about my other accounts, I knew i needed more. I own two main companies and own a lot of shelf companies, so this was not a problem. though I did need to setup PO boxes for each of the new adsense accounts, plus I created an account under my wifes maiden name.

Remember its not just google you need to be concerned about. there is also your competitors, since google doenst encrypt your ID, anyone can do anything to your account, even to the extent of creating un desirable sites with your ID all over them, this was another reason I created a lot of accounts.

I know most people do not have the same resources as we have, but I’ll explain how we keep under the radar.

we have many internet connections in this office. each with its own IP. I open 2 adsense accounts per one computer with its own internet connection. e.g one in IE and one in Firefox. both of these browsers do NOT have the google toolbar installed. if you have the toolbar on your computers.. google pretty much knows everything you do.

plus if you have a dedicated windows server, you can open 2 google accounts from this.

Some adsl connections allow you to refresh your connection and supply you a new IP address , similarly, dial up accounts most often give you a new IP every time you connect. you can use these to check multiple accounts from one computer, though you need to delete your cookies on these machines between checking different adsense accounts.

at the end of the day, you NEED mulitple adsense accounts.

you need a minimum of 3.

if you loose one

you replace the ID of the one you lost with one of your spares.

at the same time creating 2 extra accounts.

to put pub id on a site that has had an account banned? some say no, some say yes.

Personally I have done this with no ill affects.

what do you need to create a new adsense account?

the main point to focus on is how to get your money.

If you use bank accounts to recieve your money, you can use any name.

if you recieve checks you need a real name to have the checks made out to.

plus different addresses for each account. thats it.

some people state they have spent $1k to setup new companies for adsense accounts..

all you need is the above 2 points and figure out the cheapest way to obtain these

a lot of adsense publishers are stressing unduly , becuase they have allowed themeselves to be reliant on one account.

I am not stressed at all.. if I loose one, its only a small hiccup for me.

at the end of the day, even If I lost all my sites over night.. I’d be fine.. its not the sites that make money, its the information gained along the way on how to make profitable sites that I cannot loose. truth be told if I lost all my sites that make me money, i’d probably come back stronger , since this time they would all be better than when I originally created them since ive learnt more since they were created.

hope this helps you get to a position where you are not stressing about loosing an adsense account. Ive heard some people state, after loosign an adsense account " part of me is relieved, after dreading getting this email, now I dont have to worry about it any more". This is insane.. never put yourself in a position where you expose yourself to so much risk, in any business online or not.

Consider this above article when ever you sign up for any program in the future.

If you find this useful. post a link of this article on forums where you have seen others who are stressing about loosing their adsense accounts.

Lifes too short to be stressign about problems that need not be there in the first place..

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