Video SEO Winner Announcement



John Grubb AKA Zainydad


Is the Winner of the Video SEO Competition.

Well done mate πŸ™‚



John learnt about the Video SEO Competition from forum.

I spoke to him on the telephone today to congratulate him. He found out

about after viewing a blog on the web. It gained his interest

He then became an active member of the community forum. Where he learnt about SEO

Internet Marketing, How to make blogs, how to create links to his sites , where to get links

etc. He put the information he learned into action to the point where he has won the Video SEO

Competition. Not bad from someone who had Zero experience prior to coming to TVS.

He is also an active member of the Viralinstigator community and well on his way to achieving

his goal of working on the internet full time. The great prizes offered by the Sponsors will

surely grant him an additional boost along to attain his online goals.


What did he do to gain the highest rankings in 

1. He used his main keyword in the title.

2. Keyword in description

3. Put his keywords in the anchor text in the links pointing to his video URL on the many blogs he has created since joining

4. He did this with 10 different videos, one of them gained top ranking.

Which proves that anchor text rich keyword linking to videos in video google helps it ranking in the video search engine.

So if you have a video in a specific niche and want it to rank well for this term in 

Do not rely on only 1 video, upload as many as possible. to totally grab this niche.

See this link to see what ZainyDad has Won

Thanks to everyone who competed in this First ever Video SEO Competition.

It doesn’t matter if you won or lost its all about learning and how to get the best

from the new video search engines.

Pete πŸ™‚




  1. bigmumu says

    Congrats to the winner! πŸ™‚

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