Long term SEO methods? Sounds like a pipe dream.Except, it isn’t.

Long term SEO methods? Sounds like a pipe dream.Except, it isn’t.

Does this image look familiar? It should do, its very similar to the layout of my new 6 figure investment AI Profiles.
These guys are where I learn’t about all this stuff. And the amazing power of Automated Web 2 Networks connected to your YouTube Account.

I’m 100% proof that these work incredibly well. My SEO clients are benefiting massively from these networks, the best thing is, how simple it is now to promote them, with the most little effort needed on my part, which is great for 2 main reasons.
1. My Time, obviously.
2. The littlest effort needed to get websites ranking P1 No 1 means there’s little to no chance of future penalties in the search engines.

I’ve always been an advocate of the treading lightly approach to SEO.
Bradley Benner and his team I strongly recommend, not only because they are smart and are all over these methods, but they are also great teachers/educators, releasing volumes of videos showing people how to get the most bang for buck in the SEO World. I’m actually envious of the amount of content they provide.

Their previous iteration of their training was call the IFTTT Seo Academy. Which was a massive success, now they’ve progressed to V2,

IFTTT SEO Academy V2






I can tell you this is brilliant information, especially in conjunction with what we are doing with Hangout Millionaire and AI Profiles. These 3 platforms work perfectly together.

I want to support you in making the right decision here, by offering you a set of VIP Accounts at www.AiProfiles.com on me, after purchasing from the above link. To really get you on your way.

My Ethical Bribe 🙂
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See you on the Inside.



New EVO Pro Software Sneak Peak demo :)

EVO Pro is coming!!

EVO Pro is coming!!

EVO Pro is coming!!

EVO Pro is coming!!

Hey Guys,

I have just made a quick video demo of EVO PRO, over 3 years evolution in this product.

Evo PRO still supplies literally hundreds and hundreds of only high authority, high page rank websites for us to gain massive power in all the search engines.

Our Pro release is even more simple to use than EVO 2 , that even complete newbies can operate it easily as well as the PRO SEO companies out there already enjoying amazing success with EVO.

This is just a teaser video, I cannot release everything just now.

Though we have produced a product thats much more stable, reliable, faster and simpler to use.

Load up tons of projects at one time, EVO Pro will handle them all for you.

If your computer crashes, or you loose connection, EVO PRO will take up where it left off.

Static accounts are managed in the blink of an eye, all right there for you, especially for those who have many SEO clients, this is a feature that you guys requested, its there now.

Proxy Support!! YAY!!

and tons more.



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