Teaching Celebs how to own their media online

So I consulted with an Australian Media Celebrity here in my office last week. First of all we had a blast.. This guy is at the top of his game because he’s smart. He rocks up with note pads, laptop and gifts for me.

The meeting is about getting his celebrity happening online. There is so much content out there in the world about this guy, but he owns none of it.
Thus getting his content online which he owns and controls 100%

The short term strategy is to leverage existing commitments that get his face in front of millions of people and at the same time using that air time to push people to his new YouTube Channel. Obviously to start building subscribers..

What really blew my mind is how far behind existing mainstream media is, in relation to online content.

We had a 2 hour meeting, which is lots of content from me for him to consume, so we get together in another 2 weeks, let all that info settle in and then we’ll formulate a strategy moving forward, in terms of what types of content to produce and which of all the media platforms to use, to distribute his content.

The reason for this post is about HOM
During this consult he said he wasn’t happy with the website, that someone made for him, that was supposed to know what they were doing. We had a look at it afterwards and its a Wix . com website, its a shocker LOL
His main complaint was, when you type his name in Google, His site is no where to be found. The front page of google is taken up with other companies that own his content.

But, the good news is. Name in URL and the site title has his name. The rest of the website is utter garbage, in terms of the source code and structure.

So without telling him.. I solved that problem for him. We had the meeting on Thursday. This morning after I ran 2 sessions of HOM , downloaded a video from his site. copy and pasted content from his site into the description field of HOM . first session created 4 videos (Thursday night) then 15 video on Saturday. (Using one of my Generic YouTube Accounts)

So this resulted in hitting Page 1 this morning for his his own website when searching for his name.. I’ll do some more runs and get it up the top of Page 1.

The reason for this story is:
1. With the information you’ve learned here, you can blow away people with your knowledge about content and YouTube in particular.

2. You need to be passionate about it. It was my passion about YouTube, especially moving forward that got him to come over for the meeting.

3. You are in a position right now to Consult with people, as another means of revenue. Consulting is awesome, it gets people into your world. If people are keen to pay for a consult, they are green as, when it comes to online. You have an amazing amount of information to new people and you’ll come across like a Genius, like I did and do all the time. This stuff isn’t rocket science, but to newbies it certainly is. I was explaining my role in this arrangement to the client and was about to say “Educator” but he cut me off and said “Mentor” , which was cool and I then knew I’d done everything pretty well up to this point.

4. Gave me the opportunity to show him I really am a Genius, by getting his site on Page 1 in under a week. If there were any doubts in his mind, they are gone now.. When he’s referring me to his friends, its a nice talking point to push me to his friends. e.g. I had a meeting with Pete, next thing I know my website is on Page 1 and I didn’t even ask him. I could do this because it so simple to do, a total time investment on my part of litterally 15 mins to create a quicky profile in HOM , then start it, then 2 days later, just restart HOM and load profile and create 15 videos.. like a total of 25 mins of my time produced those results which completely blow a client away. Not to mention its a massive client and will result in a ton of referrals as well over time.

5. Getting this celebrity in control of his own content is life changing for this guy. It will be easy for him to build subscribers or a following online. He’s already got one, but he doesn’t own that content, so we’ll devise simple strategies to get those fans from existing media into his YT channel and podcast. Over the years he’s represented a LOT of Sponsors and Advertisers. Once he’s built his online following, they’ll all come to him plus others and he can charge what he likes, and work with whom he likes. He’ll be in complete control of his business. And be in a position to create the content “HE” wants to make and knows what his followers want.

All the information I’ve supplied to members here is more than enough to duplicate what I did in this consult. You guys can do the same. And you can also blow people away using HOM like I did to provide a bunch of added value to seal deals in a quick and simple way.

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.!!

Feel free to ask any questions.

YouTube will take over All other Media Soon!

My talk about youtube.
More people in the US watch Youtube content than Cable TV right now.

YouTube is coming, I questioned my 10 year old daughter who watches a lot of videos on youtube.
a Hypothetical question.
If we had to take away one thing in this house
The TV’s
Or your Ipad?
which would it be?
straight away she said..
TV straight away..

48 hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube every single minute!
A lot of it is terrible, a lot of it is funny, but a lot of it is also Awesome!

When you look at YouTube from the perspective of the future and start to look for just
awesome content, that is a massive rabbit hole you’ll never come out of, there’s just too much.
There is a tutorial for anything you could ever imagine, right there at your finger tips.

Like simple stuff, my wife is an artist, she’s got a degree in ceramics and has always loved
art, a few years ago before we had our kids, she studied Graphic arts, and is now getting back into it, and using her graphic skills making awesome apps for small business’s etc. she need to brush up on her Illustrator skills, I told her search youtube, Illustrator tutorial.
Bang! 1000’s of them, so then she refined her search to what she needed help on, and some dude in USA has just educated her on the finer arts of creating supreme Icons for Iphones and Android.
And this is free mind you, not too many years ago, you’d pay a pretty price to get this education.

Point being, content runs the world, specifically more so as we all get more access to information.
YouTube is the central hub of content on the web no doubt about it. and there’s just so much more coming sooner and faster.

Right now, the best cooking tutorials and shows are on YouTube, for free, Probably the best Brain surgery techniques aswell all for free.. it wasn’t that long ago, that all that information cost you a lot of money. The world is changing really fast, getting into understanding the inside workings of YouTube right now, is going to give you significant advantages over those who do not.

This is why I researched a lot about YouTube and its primary content creators, watched documentaries about these people. These individual people are really climbing up the celebrity ladder at a fast pace.

These are content providers who are themselves the content, but this gives us a clear direction of where Youtube is going, in terms of mainstream acceptance.

Highly recommend this documentary

In my opinion , in just 5 years, in all western societies, Youtube will be providing more content to your average population than TV.  By far. Have you seen the New ITV that Applie is bringing out? it allows consecutive viewing of your TV and Internet, Soon the internet will surpass peoples existing content viewing habbits.

And now is the perfect time in my opinion to sink your teeth into understanding and getting the most out of YouTube right now.. This will be so advantageous for when its gone ballistic.

There are so many opportunities out there, when your a part of the biggest content provider on the planet.

Understands how it works and be in a position to get your own content out there in front of this Global audience.

So now is the perfect time to get into YouTube. Not just for what we are doing in terms of marketing, though becoming a YT marketer and having POWER in this new medium, when it takes over all media. You will be in a very powerful position. Very Powerful..
People will be screaming out for your services.

Love to hear your thoughts, and add any more info to the conversation, please drop them in the comments below.




Simple Video Submission is back in EVO PRO



Hey again 🙂

Previously we had a great system, where
we used a 3rd party site called HeySpread.com
To distribute our Videos and supply us links
across the Video Directories.

It was great in EVO, all you had to enter
was any Youtube URL and the software did the

Their service failed, and they assured us
that they’d fix it.

They took way to long, so….

I created my own Video Distribution Server 🙂

And it works the same as before, though much
better. Like before you only have to enter
a Youtube URL and the software does the rest,
only this time you do Not need to buy credits.

Its on the house like everything else in EVO PRO
including Captures!

So now EVO PRO compromises of these modules.

* Main Web 2 High Authority High Page Rank Sites.
(always between 15 and 20, or more as they come in)
((with 2 unique articles posted to each every run))
* RSS Module
(Plus we create RSS feed from static sites and post
these to RSS AGGs)
* Article Submission Module.
* Social BookMarking Module.
* High Page Rank Submission
(over 100 sites)
* Wiki Submission Module.
(Using only High page rank and mostly EDU TLDS.)
* Video Poster Module.

All using Spintax in Anchors providing nice
diversity of keyword phrases in anchor text.

Not to mention the Penguin Repair Kit section
of the software, which is working extremely
well for some of our members that were hit
after the Penguin Update. New people have joined
EVO to use this with excellent results. Going from
page 10 back to page 2 and 1 and still climbing.

As you can imagine, our in house development team
here has been working long hours to get these
updates out to our members, but that’s not all.

Lots More coming including new WordPress
themes I’ve had created that work in with
our software, and generate Tons of Viral
and social traffic and SEO traffic.

Forced Viral scripts that I invented and
not seen anywhere else, forcing people
to help spread your website virally in
the most coolest way possible, people
can be a part of your viral campaign
without even knowing it and with your
ethics 100% in tact!

You can be a part of it all for
Just 1 measely buck 🙂



Peter Drew..

P.S Our podcast is coming along nicely,
keep an ear out for it 🙂