Smashing Affiliate marketing using Video!

Hi Everyone,

So we’ve created some awesome High PR, Aged domains and created self hosted Video sites. I needed to come up with a test to show the results of distributing videos to these new Video Sites we created, in Google and Other Search engines to our members and potential members. (oh btw, best one of the awesome things that came out of these new video hosts, VCP members can choose the exact Video Thumbnail image, they wish to appear in the serps beside their link)

E.g Where these videos sites rank compared to YouTube and DailyMotion, initial testing is showing great results already, though I needed full on experiment test to show their full potential.

At the same time, we’ve had a few members inquire about affiliate marketing using VCP so why not do both at the same time? Its great how things turn out sometimes out of the blue, because from this initial wanting to show the ranking results in the search engines for our new self hosted video sites, became a pretty awesome article on how to use VCP to do extremely well with Affiliate marketing after finding, pretty much the perfect product to promte, which is often one of the hardest parts of Affiliate Marketing etc. Onto the resulting article.

In this article you will learn how to get High Commission
affiliate evergreen payouts in markets that are prime for
the taking using VIDEO!

This article is well suited to people newer to Video Marketing,
though even MORE suited to very experienced Video Marketers!.
What you need is a Quality evergreen product, that sits there paying over and over
and has a high commission that has VALUE.

E.G. a Product that provides the buyers awesome value, helps make them money.
Provided by an industry leader.
These are not that easy to find, but you also want one that has NO VIDEOS ranking for the related terms in the search engines.

Why? because as we all know, Videos rank extremely well in the Organic Search Engine Results irrespective of the competition, if there’s no videos in the results already.

So then we have an excellent High Ticket Product that gives value to its members which enables them to make money online, continuing to pay for the products.

We have a product that’s not saturated in the marketplace with videos already.

This is a Massive Recipe for Success!

I have found one, its created by Ed Dale, long time International Internet Marketer, Speaker, Australia and all round good guy.

I know this, because one of his team members has been a great friend of mine for 5 years now, so I know how they do business and its exceptional. He’s the real Deal and anything he puts out is pure quality, which is why he’s one of the wealthiest internet marketers online.

Commissions on this product are up to

$1500 Per Sale

Affiliate prizes top out at


And the major Bonus here, is that None of the related keyword phrases pertaining to this product have Any Videos in the Serps whatsoever! Its very exciting.

So this is a Golden Opportunity, especially for people who have the power of

Video Creation and Upload Marketing Software, that can spit out literally TONS and TONS of Unique Videos relating to this product and get them ranking easily in the SERPS.

If you were even smarter, you’d find an affiliate product that has a 2nd tier program and then draft an article like this one and put it on your blog and create videos presenting the affiliate opportunity just like this one above, why? because its solid strategy and provides quality to its audience.

Of course Ed’s program is 2 tiered, which encourages me to share this awesome opportunity with you. He doesn’t even know how much of an opportunity it is for video marketers, I know this because he hasn’t presented any content suitable for Video Marketers.
This content is so easy to create when you have automated Curation Video Products like VCP that curate, create and upload your content for you.

Here’s the link to register as an affiliate.

Use this to register, then use your own affiliate link to go to his site, enter your email address
to be taken through to the Videos describing what the product is.

Why? First of all to see how awesome this product is, so you know your offering quality to your list or referrals, you also need to find Keyword Phrases to use to promote this product in the search engines and  video sites. e.g you need to understand what the product is and the problems its solving, then come up with terms to suit.

It took me under 10 mins to come up with 35 awesome related keyword phrases, that all have TONS of searches each month and of the 20 I checked, only 1 had a video listing on the first page of Google. (I have expanded on these terms in the Podcast where I discussed this product.)

Meaning, this is going to be Simple.

I can hear you say, Pete, why don’t you share these keyword phrases with us?  Because that would be a recipe for disaster, 100’s and 100’s of people then all vying for the same 35 terms? Not great at all.

So I encourage you to get familiar with the product

Register here

Take notes as you watch the video, then get stuck into your keyword research and go wide on related keyword phrases. Obviously More the better.

I would go as far as saying creating a new YouTube Account specifically for these terms, and then they will all rank better of course, using one of the best terms in the URL of your channel.
After viewing the Video content, you may well be like myself and be on the mind to purchase
the product, Ed does such a good job of presenting his products that I was almost on the order button for my wifes new online business, but her Small Business Apps business has really started to pick up, so between us we both don’t have time. Though its a great product to start creating content about what you love and making money online, with that’s for sure.
So there’s 2 parts to this article.
1. About Video Affiliate marketing.
2. Using Video Marketing to promote This blog post about Video Affiliate Marketing.

So I’ll be promoting this product to my lists of course, then promoting the affiliate marketing offer to my affiliate lists.

I’ll create a podcast to describe this opportunity, because offers like this for affiliate marketers do not happen that often.

Then I’ll start creating videos:
1. To suit Ed’s Awesome Product.
2. Videos to promote this blog post to generate more 2nd teired sales.
Using my software of course. And showing the results achieved in the Serps and Video sites, since we’ve just added some more video sites in the software, will be an Awesome Test to compare where these videos rank compared to the existing video sites like YouTube and DailyMotion.
So that’s it in a nutshell.

Ed Supplies awesome Swipe material if you have email lists,
which you can re write and use on your blog if you like.

The market out there for this product is enormous.
Just one decent affiliate sale could recover nearly 2 years
of the cost of the product (VCP) you used to generate
the sale.

If you have other products like this that our group
of VCP’ers can promote, share this info in our VCP
MasterMind Group. (which all our VCP members get access to.)

Hope you enjoyed this article and its given you some direction.
Look forward to your comments below!