UnBoxing New Evo Mega Pro Video + Instant Traffic Software.

Hey everyone,

Last August we celebrated 4 years of Brute Force SEO, supplying 10’s of 1000’s of members excellent software to get their or their customers sites ranking very well in the search engines.

As per usual, we are keeping up with the ever changing search engine environment and updating our membership software to suit.

In this video, you will see our commitment to supplying traffic, because that’s what its all about isn’t it? Traffic. We will soon release this new Instant Traffic software to compliment our new EVO Mego Pro software, to supply you traffic on tap and supply as many social signal links as your heart desires.

Plus we have created a Management Panel, that hosts all our software, each and every time you start the software, you will have the latest software we have. If we update our software, next time you start EVO Mega Pro, you will have it. No more need to download new software ever again. All our software is stored in the cloud, and you’ll get any new updates immediately upon starting the software, it will be virtually invisible to you.

Since you know me, you know I always come up with cool new software ideas to add to our membership. When I release a new software, you’ll get it immediately upon us releasing it, in your new Manager Panel, plus PDF documentation will arrive in the PDFs section of the Management Panel.

Plus there are a LOT of other very groovy and exciting features implemented into this Management Panel, that I’m not at liberty to discuss now, but these new features will help keep us at the bleeding edge of internet marketing and making money online in general in many of its varied forms.

Right now we are entering the beta testing Phase of this new software. Once this is completed, we’ll go live and everyone can benefit from it.

We have lots of JV’s on board for our next re launch process. They are especially loving the new addition of the Instant Traffic software into our membership, being this is the only place you can get it.

If you have any JV inquiries, contact me via www.support.bruteforceseo.com

And yes, this software is still only $1 for a fully functioning 5 day trial. And no even with the addition of this amazing Instant Traffic software I have not increased the membership price. And continuing to supply any new software we release as free to our Brute Force SEO members!

Now onto the Video

 This video is best viewed in HD and full screen here

Test it now for just $1 www.BruteForceSEO.com


P.S Beta Testers meet me in the Beta Testing forum Now 🙂