Amazon Niche site – Pinterest Plus software = AwesomeNess!


there’s 2 versions

1. for Amazon affiliate marketers
A site strictly for SE traffic, Social traffic and any other methods of traffic to get punters to your beautiful Amazon Niche website.
Script auto populates your new site with content as often or little as you like.
Can run 1 or 1000 different keywords/products on your site populated via minutes or hours, totally up to you.

You can install this script on 1 or 1000 domains, up to you.
There are a LOT of people killing it creating mass Amazon sites.. but none of them are as social or as pretty as this one Two of my own buddies have generated 6 figure incomes using Amazon Niche affiliate sites alone.

Then obviously run EVO PRO over these domains to get first page listings.

2. Same as above
But also comes with our own Custom Software
Software is similar to existing Amazon poster software, but this software posts to your own Amazon niche affiliate site..
Software posts content TO YOUR Amazon Site, then PINS your products of YOUR Amazon site to Pinterest!!
Using the software, you’ll be able to post to one or as many of your sites as you like per run.

On both these sites above, they are word press blogs obviously, so you can monetize them in other ways as well. Put more advertising on them.

There is more to these sites that I cannot talk about now, wanted to get them out there so you can see what’s coming your way as part of your EVO membership

Note: the animated rotating products on first homepage. Click through to product (blog) link to see the awesome product landing pages and how social they are.

See it here

Note: I have this test one on a sub domain, though I don’t recommend the use of sub domains, I prefer using a new keyword rich domain name for each install.

In this above image, that top product rotates and goes through your inventory.

On this image, you can see all the other products listed above the one you are currently viewing, so your audience can simply click between all your products, and if the content is very cool, they can leave comments about them, telling their friends about this product on FB

You’ll see the default widgets used on the right, as noted I wanted to show you a bog standard install.
(a) install my new theme
(b) install FB comments plug-in
(c) add new header image, or remove it. Up to you and your style of site you want to create.
That’s all there is to it. Replace default widgets with your own favourite widgets or remove them.

Check it out here

bog standard WP install

Yes, this all comes FREE as part of our http://www.BruteForceSEO.comΒ  EVO Membership πŸ™‚

The Social layout was inspired by the amazingly popular and very successful Amazon Affiliate website,, why? its social interaction is phenomenal Check it out for awesome content idea’s, its Alexa ranking is 16k and is only just 12 months old.

We need to add a couple more features to the site and add the site to our software and we are good to go.

Don’t know how to install WordPress? You can get it installed here for $5

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Peter Drew

Massive PINTEREST SOFTWARE update News

coming shortly

I’ve made significant update to the Amazon software..

Significant is an Understatement..

see anything different here?

See that new addition to the top?


This software is running via Text File!!

Yeah so what does that mean Pete, well my friend.

Instead of having to enter data for each run, imagine you have a text file completed with 10, 50 or 100’s of projects and you only need to start the software once?

Then the software goes out and completes all of them

So no more doing a run, then reloading the software and doing it again.

Plus you can use it to run as many DIFFERENT accounts as you like

You could pin 50 products to one board on one account, then it logs out and logs in to a new account and does another 50 or more to another board and continues..

You could set it up to use 100 different accounts if you liked

here’s the exact text file I used for my first test the other night.

peterdrew|password|large diamond rings|15|diamond rings online|0|0
peteinoz|password|solid gold watch|15|Buy Gold Watches online Now|0|0
peterdrew|password|solid gold wedding band|15|Gold Wedding Bands for sale here|0|0
peterinoz|password|female fantasy romance book|15|Female Online Fantasy Romance|0|0
peteinoz|password|epic fantasy battle|50|epic battle fantasy adventure|0|0
peteinoz|password|white gold diamond stud earrings|50|white gold diamond stud earrings|0|0
peteinoz|password|best womens watches|50|best womens watches|0|0
peteinoz|password|romantic comedy movie|50|best romantic comedies of the decade|0|0
peteinoz|password|windows tablet|50|boardname|0|0
peteinoz|password|gift for mothers|50|gift for mothers|0|0
peteinoz|password|baby carrier pink|50|baby carrier pink|0|0
peteinoz|password|dog costume|50|make funny dog costume|0|0
peteinoz|password|funny iphone cases|50|funny iphone 4s cases|0|0
peteinoz|password|volcano lamp|50|volcano lava lamp|0|0
peteinoz|password|melting clock|50|melting wall clock|0|0
peteinoz|password|Suit Pajamas|50|Suit Pajamas|0|0

Using that exact list you see above, I generated exactly 923 clicks to Amazon and made 4 sales.

But Please understand this!!
TONS of these pins were liked and especially “Re Pinned” meaning, they will enjoy traffic to them from now till the end of time. Other people are hosting my pins that have links right to Amazon It doesn’t get any better than that!!

Plus. these boards are all long tailed keyword phrases on an incredibly powerful domain in the search engines, so over time with a bit of EVO loving, they’ll all rank and get FREE organic search traffic to these wonderfully displayed product pages

So originally I enjoyed nearly 1000 clicks through to Amazon made 4 sales, but from that original 30 mins of work. that’s only 30 mins of my time, I’ll get tons more traffic over time and tons more sales..

And that was with only 16 keywords over 1 and a bit accounts.

Imagine if I loaded it up with 100 accounts and 500 keywords?

Ultimately I see it working like this.
Per computer, one software 100 accounts

account1 keyword X 50
account2 keyword x 50 or 100
to 100

using hidemyass proxie software or pureVPN proxie software to rotate proxies every 1 hour.

Then load up the software on as many computers you have and hot damn!!
You got a significant biz happening..

before we can go to this sort of scale.. right now as you know we use as part of our 3 way cloaking system..

In the software I’ll need to add a bunch more of those in there to lessen any foot prints..

Plus we need to add another field in the text line.. e.g. Affiliate Tag
so we can use multiple affiliate tags to reduce footprint etc

Plus the same with the pic pinner software

Plus with the friender software.

You can purchase pinterest accounts in bulk very cheaply in lots of places.. I just ordered 55 accounts from pinterest with images and associated twitter accounts for $15.00 or get them made up to spec at elance, rentacoder, odesk etc very easily.

At the same places above you can use to source keywords in bulk to use aswell.

when doing keyword research
find root level keyword, then an associated long tailed keyword phrase to go with it, to get rankings in search engines and organic traffic.

I’ve been showing this to my IM guru buddies who’ve been in this game for a very long time and they all say the SEO aspect of using software like this is brand new and none of them knew about it None of them got the secondary search engine traffic component of this concept.. of course they all love it and are smashing this software.
You know you got good software when they are using it themselves first before handing over to start to drive etc… They say, na I’ll do this one first pete

Though now this software is way to powerful to sell for only $29 per month.. its just silly.. Of course EVO members will have this as part of your membership guys..

Existing Pinfriender members will get access to this, but in the near future I’ll be canning the pinfriender membership to new people and people will only be able to get access to this software via the EvO PRO membership.

So if your a Pinfriender affiliate, use this info above to get new members now before I close it off..

Moderators!! Meet me in the moderators forum please, your getting access to this software

So the code in the text files is very simple

accountname|password|Amazonkeyword|Number of keywords|Board Name|Time interval|CategoryNameinPinterest

Remember using this software there’s short term social traffic via the pinterest market place, then longer term social traffic via repins and then free organic traffic for live which will just improve over time as the domain gains more dominance in the search engines. So focus on creating excellent long tailed keyword phrase named boards. These boards are hosted on an extremely powerful domain, and have have keyword phrase Intitle and InURL
plus related textual content on page.. honestly its just awesome..

think Squidoo!! but better!!

Happy Days People!!


That’s not all, significant new system altogether coming shortly, that will blow your socks of, its just that Pretty, when you see it and know its backed up by software technology, you will just drool!

Only $1 to try this Amazing New Pinterest Software its Awesome.

Pinterest is all about Quality, the quality of content that rises
to the surface in that amazing website is just breathtaking.

Ive not seen anything come even close to it on the internet, especially
on such a massive scale..considering, that its driving more
referral traffic than Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn , Combined!! Pretty Amazing stuff.

So obviously we needed to create a product with equal quality, that enhances
peoples Pinterest Experience and gains them new followers and friends
while providing these new people with a quality experience.

This is exactly what we’ve done with our new PinFriender software.

This software saves you, a massive amount of time, while providing
you with over 1000 new friends or followers per week to your Pinterest
accounts. You can use also use it on more than one account.

We didn’t go out to make a crude spam bot, like some of them out there
for the blackhat crowd.

We’ve created a quality software solution for all of us to use, to really
leverage this new massive spectacular traffic driving website
called Pinterest.

On top of generating a lot of friends and followers for your
pinterest accounts, our software also provides your Pinterest
accounts amazing Content. Using Keywords you provide, our software
goes out to Amazon, sources amazing content and posts it directly
to your Pinterest account, including of course your Affiliate ID.

We have implemented in our software, special techniques to ensure
your Amazon content is always associated with your Affiliate ID.

Our is the only software that is doing this.

We all know that the vast majority of the market in Pinterest
are Female.. But what content should we be delivering to this

Luckily when your trial completes,
as a Pinfriender Member you get access to my
GoldDigger Niche research tools, where listed under “Labs”
You get access to my Amazon research tools, showing you
exactly what is popular and trending and enabling you
to dig deeper into these niches.

Plus we have plenty of other exciting additons to this
software planned, that as a member you get access to
once we update the software. Its a bit hush hush now

You will Love this software.

Ive provided a 5 day $1 trial period, so you can see
for yourself exactly how it works, how to gain followers
and post amazing content.

And Now Onto the Software.

Peter Drew

Amazing Pinterest Affiliate Opportunity

Affiliate Promotions that Stick!! and Hang around for more Sales!

This will take you under 2 mins to see and understand
this New Simple Method of Affiliate Marketing that

Meaning, you do one simple action and it can gain
traction and be exposed for a Long time.

go there now..

1. Enter your Paypal Email Address that you
use to Receive your AFF Comms in etc.
2. Click on the
“Generate Affiliate Link” Button
The page will refresh and present your AFF Code embedded on page..
3. Now you’ll see the 3 Social Buttons.

(note: the <your code> will be replaced with your AFF ID after entering paypal email etc)

4. Simply click on each of these, these social buttons have your AFF ID embedded in them.

Pinterest Particularly can be VERY Sticky, if your followers are into SEO, you may well get a lot of likes and repins.

This simple 2 min procedure above, should be used as an example to see how many sales this new type of affiliate marketing makes you, then see how you can implement similar on your product pages etc.

Note: As soon as someone takes the $1 Trial, you’ll get an email from Paypal and my email server! All actions they do from this point are emailed to you, once becoming a member etc or cancelling.

Plus you can use this Awesome Infographic
Add this to your Pinterest account using your AFF link πŸ™‚

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