Trust SEO – Part 6 “Case Study”

In the last 12 months I’ve been involved in a Non IM online community and have become friends with one man in particular, he has an online presence, selling his high end out door furniture. He’s an older guy and I love what he’s done with his website and is totally self taught.
He gets 30% of his business from online sales and the rest are referrals. He was here at my place one day and asked about what I do, etc. Once he learned that I do SEO, he wasn’t sure what it meant, but loved that I worked the search engines.
So I offered to show him exactly what we do, by getting his site ranking for the terms he wanted. His site was ok, I just requested he put this term he was after in the title of his website. When he got home he did it immediately and emailed me. He offered to pay me for this work, but I won’t accept money from friends for something that takes me so little time, besides, I just love this stuff and am happy to show him the results, because I know from very basic research, this work I’m doing can make a huge difference in his and his families life.
So little time I hear you say? If you know me, you’ve probably heard of me referred to as the “King of Automation” , well I might not be there now, but its a title I’m very happy to work towards. As I said I’ve been developing these strategies over the years and had my head developer Max watch what I do by hand, and he goes and automates these process’s for me, to create software applications to do all these mind numbing tasks for me.
Over the last 3 years, these little software applications have improved and gotten smarter and exponentially more sophisticated. Then, at the beginning of 2008 we put them all together, into one amazing piece of software. Then late last year (2009), we totally re designed it completely to make it even easier to use with a flowing design, enter data, click next, enter more data, click next, gather unique articles, click next, and called it Evolution 2. or EVO 2 for short. (he’s a very cute little character, you can see him at work on the video at the page I will show you shortly).
So this software totally automates the whole “SEO Banking and Ranking” process we’ve been discussing completely and even more. Remember I was talking about getting links from High Page Rank sites?
On top of all the above, my software currently has a list of 135 High PageRank sites (all Page Rank 5 or Higher, lots of 6 7 8’s), the software automatically creates accounts on all of these sites, places your links on them and then creates RSS feeds from these account URL’s and submits them to the RSS Aggregators. (noting, each month we add new High Page Rank sites to EVO 2, and remove those no longer suitable, they have either changed their terms, specs or layout and are no longer suitable, so each month the number of high page rank sites grows).
And that’s on top of creating accounts on free blog hosts, submitting unique articles related to your chosen niche, posting their RSS Feeds to the Rss Aggregators, submitting your sites links to the Social Bookmarking sites, and much more.
Getting back to my friend, I was in the position to help him out with his site, because it only takes me 4 mins to setup my software to promote his site, then I start the software and it does the rest.
This is exactly what I did, found a great term in the Free google research tool for him to target. I did this with him in a chat that night. We decided on outdoor garden furniture- this has a monthly search volume of 6600 per month, though I knew we could rank for many other terms on top of this.
I searched for his site in he is only interested in Australian traffic etc.
It was not found in the top 1000 results, though his site did come up for his business name and was getting sparse traffic from related terms.
So that night I did the first run of my software over it. Within 4 days, the site entered the index at approx 524 (if memory serves me correctly), then after 2 weeks we got up to 24 and started to see trickles of traffic for this term.
I ran my BruteForceSEO: EVOII software once every 4 days, like I tell my members to do, and my friends site was bouncing between 15 and 22 for the duration- he was already happy getting much more traffic than before.
Then exactly 6 weeks and 1 day later- I remember it was on a Monday, he got NUMBER ONE (#1) position for “outdoor garden furniture” and Number TWO (#2) for “outdoor furniture” which has a search volume of WAAAAY more than original term 🙂 I knew this, as I was checking daily and just waiting for it to happen.
I was waiting for it to happen because through experience, it always does, just running my software every 4 days will get me the rankings I desire at some point in time. Shorter the less competition, longer the more competition.
The reason I point this out, is because its really that simple, though people over complicate it or, loose patience, most likely just before they were going to achieve the rankings they desire. You have to be patient and stay with the program, and it will come… every time!
In the next 4 days, he received 10 or 12 orders for his high ticket item custom outdoor tables. To say he was blown away is an understatement. The next day he emails me with all the other terms he is now ranked very highly for… Lots of terms I didn’t target at all.
The reason his site is now ranking for many other terms is because his site is now trusted in, and is giving him trusted rank status. Because his site has this status, his site is ranking higher than other sites that are targeting these terms.
Time cost to me, 4 mins each 4 days over 6 weeks. so all up under 1 hour of my time. If I was to do it by hand, as directed above, each of those promotions completed by my software would take about 1 week to accomplish. I did approx 10 promotions using the software, by hand it would have taken close to 10 weeks to achieve the same results in the search engines.
This gives you a good example of the power of software automation, utilising it gives you rankings faster with much, much less input from yourself.
So roughly One Hour of my time has helped a friend big time, to the point where he says “Normally the summer months are slow, but now I’m gearing up for a very busy summer” Thanks to EVO 2 and a little time from me, this has gained me a friend for life and has also shown him that I’m a man of my word- I told him I could do it and over delivered big time with all the additional terms he is now ranking for.
He has offered to pay me, in cash or furniture, though I have enough of both and was just happy to be able to help out, especially considering how little effort I put into it. Though if he was an SEO client, I think it would be a totally different story somehow (hint, hint ;-))
By now you have got to be chomping at the bit to discover the software that can turn a non-ranking site into twelve high-ticket orders in six weeks, and you are probably wondering how you too can harness the power of automation for yourself? Stay Tuned…