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I get this question asked all the time.

So what’s the easiest way to make money online in Video Marketing
I hear you say?

This question was put to me by one of my previous members
in relation to ordering HOM.

The answer was simple.

The fastest way to get some return on investment is providing
SEO Services, hands down.

I did a quick survey recently of the montly cost of SEO here in
Australia. Using only the paid adverts in Google. I sent each
of these SEO companies a generic question asking what is the
monthly SEO rates for a local health related business.

The lowest quote was $855.00 per month for their most basic package.
The highest quote was $2497 per month.
The mean average was approx $1660.00

We all know how easy it is to rank locally.
Can you see the opportunities presented here?
Create an SEO site, establish credibility in the copy and
design, sell the services we provide right here and now
that includes everything you need to setup a very successful
SEO Agency, SEO your site to rank in local areas, or some
targeted Facebook advertising, or Some Adwords.

Your Return on investment can be astounding. Even if you
were to say take up the lifetime offer and spend a bit
on FB or Adwords, you could easily get all that back
and more in your first month. Easy! Its entirely doable
then your in the black each and every month moving forward.

Typically I tell people starting out in any new business,
start with lower pricing, say $497 per month, and build
your confidence over time each month increase your rates
20% continually till the market starts pushing back.

Then you’ll find what’s comfortable with your business
and your market and you’ll be well on the way to making
a very decent income.

I always go in long and over deliver on results. I go in
saying, we generally expect results in 3 to 6 months, as
we like to use the most safest methods on our clients
websites, but they stick and we never ever loose
rankings, no matter what Google does moving forward
using the strategies we employ.

Then we shoot off emails showing great results already
in the first or second weeks. Makes for the beginning
of a great long term relationship.

If clients choose to stop paying, the beauty is we control
“All” of the links pointing to their sites, we own all
the accounts that matter and can disable them at any time.
This is made clear in the beginning so everyone knows what’s
up and makes for perfect long term clients.

We survey all potential leads before we contact them,
so we know what’s up before we make any contact. Then
we only contact those who fit perfectly, can afford
the services we provide and have requirements within
our scope. Simple as that. Its an incredibly smooth
process. We only deal with people we know we can make
happy and can afford us.

We provide the all the tools you need, I know this
because we’ve already got over 150 SEO Agencies using
HOM. You don’t really seem them in our group, they have
teams using the software and don’t require any assistance.
They are just doing it, and making a killing in the process.

You only need a great site and leads, via SEO or Advertising.
Advertising works great since you can target so easily these

So there you go, Get stuck into it! What’s stopping you.
Have a go! No really, Have a go. And keep going at it,
till its happening for you, don’t stop. It could well
be the most significant thing you’ve achieved in a very
long time.


To your Online Success.

Peter Drew


Massive EVO PRO Improvement See short Video

If you’ve been on the fence about EVO PRO as your
premier Fully Automated SEO Software tool.

This video is a Must See!

Now we Now supply complimentary Static Accounts
to everyone who takes the $1 Trail.

Meaning. Start Software.
* Enter the Keyword Phrases you wish to rank well for.
* Enter your sites URL.
* Pull unique articles via our software related to your phrase
* Add 3 more keyword phrases and URLs to this site or any other.
* Click Next. View all the High Page Rank High Authority websites
Over 200. (these are unique to our members only so stay strong
in the serps and actually improve over time)

In under 4 mins of your time, you can have the software
providing you massive amounts of incredibly powerful links
right away, while you sit there and do your usual work.

We now supply everything you need to get going instantly,
no mucking around. Its really that easy.

Watch the short video to see it for yourself.

Feel free to take the 5 day fully functioning
Trial for $1.


We are on a Massive development curve right now

Next release will be incredible again!!

Peter Drew


Massive P1 Evo Pro Update Ver 2.12

Hey Guys..Big update .

1. Fixed problem with posting original articles.2. Fixed problem with saving original articles.

3. Add Save To button at the end of project to save from Archive to specific folder

4. Added Html2Rss site back into the list. This involved a significant update to the html2rss script and I purchased a new massive server exclusively for it. (We may well have come up with a way were we all can profit from out individual accounts on this site aswell. though this will take about a month to come into fruition.)

5. Fixed / Updated the HPR sites.

6. Fixed / Updated changes in Main blogs sites.

7. Added new HRP Sites.

8. Fixed issue some people were experiencing with freezing after finished project.

9. Added feature to double click on edit article.

10. Software now capitalises all first letters in words of Article Titles, as requested.

11. New ability to save projects to a chosen folder on your hard drive.

It works like this, you do a project as per normal. You can save to CSV

Or just close this window as per usual,
then your project window will appear in main window like this

See the new “Save to Folder Button”
By clicking on this button, you can now save this project to a folder on your hard drive. Importantly to understand, each project is saved as a Folder (not a file)

After clicking on save to Folder you will see this.

So we can save projects for SEO clients like this.
etc.. or how ever you choose to save these files to keep your clients history etc. it could be keyword names and or dates.

You can load these projects from here.

this bring up this window where we now have the addition of the
“Load from Folder” button.
Here you can load your projects saved to folder on your hard drive.

This will load your previous project , just change username etc and re run it, pull some new articles is a good idea while you are there. Once this project is completed, you can save it to another folder for your history.

Next week another significant update.

Adding by default to all new users a new static accounts.
So when people take the trial of EVO PRO, they are in an immediate position to then start a linking promotion immediately without having to mess around creating new static accounts. So new users can jump right in and use the software. This will significatly increase the conversion from $1 trail takers to full members. Its great already, though will be improved again. So if your promoting evo, you will get a better ROI on your EVO promotions etc.
If you get only 3 referrals, obviously this will offset your entire EvO membership. Just to be clear. first affiliate payment is 50% of first 157 , then recurring at 33% for the life of the membership, even if they leave and come back, when they come back you’ll still be credited with commissions from members you introduce into EVO etc.

Hopefully next update will include the new Forum Posting Module, where your links will be distributed to a whole bunch of forums across the web, you will have the ability to add your own forum URL’s aswell.. providing those of us who have SEO clients tons more links to provide to your SEO clients.

We will be releasing this as an individual software aswell. Where people can promote this, to get them into the EVO PRO funnel. When your customers who purchase this upgrade to EVO PRO, your commissions are carried through to the EVO PRO membership. So I’ll keep you guys up to date on that new site etc.

I will be adding tons more Main sites to the software each month , sites that I control and own, these will gain tons of authority in the search engines in a short time. These will work very fast with the software and be controlled by us providing tons more backlinks to show your SEO clients and more linking love in the SE’s

If you are having any tech related issues, contact support.

1. Create account on this site.
2. Submit support ticket.

Download Software here