Amazon Niche site – Pinterest Plus software = AwesomeNess!


there’s 2 versions

1. for Amazon affiliate marketers
A site strictly for SE traffic, Social traffic and any other methods of traffic to get punters to your beautiful Amazon Niche website.
Script auto populates your new site with content as often or little as you like.
Can run 1 or 1000 different keywords/products on your site populated via minutes or hours, totally up to you.

You can install this script on 1 or 1000 domains, up to you.
There are a LOT of people killing it creating mass Amazon sites.. but none of them are as social or as pretty as this one Two of my own buddies have generated 6 figure incomes using Amazon Niche affiliate sites alone.

Then obviously run EVO PRO over these domains to get first page listings.

2. Same as above
But also comes with our own Custom Software
Software is similar to existing Amazon poster software, but this software posts to your own Amazon niche affiliate site..
Software posts content TO YOUR Amazon Site, then PINS your products of YOUR Amazon site to Pinterest!!
Using the software, you’ll be able to post to one or as many of your sites as you like per run.

On both these sites above, they are word press blogs obviously, so you can monetize them in other ways as well. Put more advertising on them.

There is more to these sites that I cannot talk about now, wanted to get them out there so you can see what’s coming your way as part of your EVO membership

Note: the animated rotating products on first homepage. Click through to product (blog) link to see the awesome product landing pages and how social they are.

See it here

Note: I have this test one on a sub domain, though I don’t recommend the use of sub domains, I prefer using a new keyword rich domain name for each install.

In this above image, that top product rotates and goes through your inventory.

On this image, you can see all the other products listed above the one you are currently viewing, so your audience can simply click between all your products, and if the content is very cool, they can leave comments about them, telling their friends about this product on FB

You’ll see the default widgets used on the right, as noted I wanted to show you a bog standard install.
(a) install my new theme
(b) install FB comments plug-in
(c) add new header image, or remove it. Up to you and your style of site you want to create.
That’s all there is to it. Replace default widgets with your own favourite widgets or remove them.

Check it out here

bog standard WP install

Yes, this all comes FREE as part of our http://www.BruteForceSEO.comย  EVO Membership ๐Ÿ™‚

The Social layout was inspired by the amazingly popular and very successful Amazon Affiliate website,, why? its social interaction is phenomenal Check it out for awesome content idea’s, its Alexa ranking is 16k and is only just 12 months old.

We need to add a couple more features to the site and add the site to our software and we are good to go.

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Peter Drew