Your Missing the Big fish and U don’t know it.

Your Missing the Big fish and U don't know it.

Your Missing the Big fish and U don’t know it.

Hey Guys,

I’ve got a couple of questions for you..

What’s easier?

(a) 1 client at $10K?

or 100 clients at 100 each?

(b) What’s easier to manage?

One 10K client or one hundred X $100 clients?

Not so long ago, I immediately put my hand up

for 100 X 100, why? because I’ve got a list right?

But that part 2 of that question grabbed me by

the shoulders big time..

Here’s the thing,

A lot of people are using the 100X100 method

and doing ok. but what they DON’T know is

that they are missing out on ALL of the

10k clients “hidden” in amongst those

100 X sales.

We haven’t been conversing enough with

our clients throughout the sales process.

If you want to convert Much Higher, you

need to “Converse” more with your prospectives.

So how do you do that? I hear you ask.

Well, that’s what

helps you do very easily.

You take your prospectives by the hand

and ask them the questions relative

to your product and about THEM!

During this process supplied by

Prospectives all enter the same funnel,

but now you can sort these prospectives

by any criteria. All relative to your

product or offer of course.

These High End customers already exist

in your membership, but you don’t know.

Why? because you never took the time to

find out.

What if you knew that say 10% of your

existing membership base was ready

willing and able to purchase an extremly

high ticket item from you and in fact

they NEED to.

This lack of communication doesn’t help

anyone. Any relationship is only as good

as the communication between all parties,

whether in business or family/social life.


Solves this problem for you.

Imagine having a list of ONLY


“Already Qualified”

For your HIghest paying offer?

If you don’t have a great high ticket

item offer, guess what? You most likely

didn’t know you had the prospectives in

your list needing this service you can

provide. Now you know they are there waiting

for you, Its time to create one.

These qualified people already exist in your

list, but up till now, you didn’t know which

of them they were. Its a big problem.

Moving forward

Solves this problem for you.

They supply the training to help you realise

this potential. I hope you take up their

training offer.

If I have enough people hit me up about this

I’ll be happy to offer training via webinar.

(ping me on FB) Why? because I love this stuff.

Real People are paying $25k for this above information

and not even getting any tools or scripts how to enable

it to happen on a website.

Not only offers this amazing tool to help realise

this, but also training.

Its a no brainer.. Even if you don’t have a product

right now. Get this, do the training, and this will

help guide you into the right direction for which

type of offer or service you can provide while

maximising the results to the enth degree and

squeezing as much potential out of your prospectives

as possible!

Btw. this is all real, every word I’m saying above

is real, I know this, I’m doing it myself.
To your Online Success.



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