Trust SEO Part 4. Google Love me?

Page Rank, Or… How Much Does Google Love Me?

So far we are about halfway into this trust relationship SEO story.

Remember previously I noted that new links over time from other trusted websites is what’s needed to get ranked well? Before I get into this, let me describe Google’s Pageranking method.

If you have not installed the Google PageRank toolbar yet, I suggest you do so now- this will make your life online so much easier with this information presented in front of you all the time. More information about the Google Toolbar here

Google assigns pagerank to every website in their index: From Greyed out = site is penalised, then page ranks of 1 through to 10, PageRank 10 being the highest.

Pagerank given to sites, is not an indicator of how well a site will rank, because I can get sites with a 0 pagerank to rank very highly in the search engines, though there is a correlation between pagerank and trust in Googles eyes anyways, and if Google has trust with this site, then it stands to reason that other search engines have determined this as well.

So to get new trusted links, and using googles pagerank as an indicator of trust, we need to get our links on High Page Rank websites, and since we have sites like these do not even need to have RSS feeds.

This is where trusting people goes a long way in SEO, or getting your websites to rank well means a lot also. I’m in a very lucky position to have been online for a long time and developed a lot of trusted relationships with people, some of these provide me with websites that fit this category, trusted and high page rank. We get LOTS of these supplied every month without fail.

Typically we place our links on sites that are Page Rank 5 at minimum. The sites we get each month are from Page Rank 5 through to page rank 8. We create accounts on these sites, and put links to our websites in these accounts, this passes a lot of SEO trust relationship to our own sites.

To help speed up this process, that is the process of letting the search engines know about these links, we then use and mash a bunch of these account URL’s into RSS feeds, then submit these feeds, containing links to the High Page Rank Account sites and our links within to the RSS Aggregators.

We do this first to speed up the process of ranking our sites, and second to give some links BACK to each of the High page Rank sites we use, who by the way over time benefit greatly from the additional links we provide them.

What I’m talking about here, in terms of giving back links to these sites and how it helps them, doesn’t make much sense if it was only I doing this… I alone couldn’t supply enough additional links to these sites to make any meaningful difference, but I said “we” and I’ll discuss the “we” a little later on in this report.

For next time, we are going to backtrack and re-cap a bit, and get into the nitty gritty on HOW to develop your OWN Trust Bank that you can make withdrawls from Anytime You Please! Stay Tuned… it will all be tied together shortly

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