EVO PRO Wiki Update 25 July Ver 3.25

Hey Everyone,

Massive Update once again..

Weve added WIKI’s Yay..

Better than that, we’ve added some .org Wiki’s to the Main sites

and adding a massive amount to a new Wiki Module, which you’ll see here

This new Wiki Module is very cool..
We have a LOT of them stored in our DB. Every run, EVO will choose 10 randomly from the Db and post your articles to them. Meaning you will be posting to different wiki’s on each run, gaining more diverse linking etc..

Also with this module we can update and add more wiki sites on the fly as great ones come in.. If you have any great wiki’s with Nice PR send them to support, especially .EDU’s etc.

these are the results from a run using only
Main Sites
Wiki Module

^^ Using the High Page Rank Module aswell, will obviously give tons more High PR results, this test is without it.

The addition of these wiki’s has already proven to increase the speed of ranking post Penguin.

In the near future, we will be releasing another massive update further improving EVO PRO and getting everyones sites ranked very very well.

There were other improvements, sites fixed and performance enhancements carried out in this release.

Download it here


Or Take the $1 5 day trial here!


new EVO EDU update 17th July 2012

In this update, we’ve added a bunch of EDU sites to Main sites and 1 to HPR sites

Pinterest software is updated in this release also..

Fixed a few other sites.

Lots more updates coming over the next few weeks, focusing on Socialbility and diversity


download it here