Simple Video Submission is back in EVO PRO



Hey again πŸ™‚

Previously we had a great system, where
we used a 3rd party site called
To distribute our Videos and supply us links
across the Video Directories.

It was great in EVO, all you had to enter
was any Youtube URL and the software did the

Their service failed, and they assured us
that they’d fix it.

They took way to long, so….

I created my own Video Distribution Server πŸ™‚

And it works the same as before, though much
better. Like before you only have to enter
a Youtube URL and the software does the rest,
only this time you do Not need to buy credits.

Its on the house like everything else in EVO PRO
including Captures!

So now EVO PRO compromises of these modules.

* Main Web 2 High Authority High Page Rank Sites.
(always between 15 and 20, or more as they come in)
((with 2 unique articles posted to each every run))
* RSS Module
(Plus we create RSS feed from static sites and post
these to RSS AGGs)
* Article Submission Module.
* Social BookMarking Module.
* High Page Rank Submission
(over 100 sites)
* Wiki Submission Module.
(Using only High page rank and mostly EDU TLDS.)
* Video Poster Module.

All using Spintax in Anchors providing nice
diversity of keyword phrases in anchor text.

Not to mention the Penguin Repair Kit section
of the software, which is working extremely
well for some of our members that were hit
after the Penguin Update. New people have joined
EVO to use this with excellent results. Going from
page 10 back to page 2 and 1 and still climbing.

As you can imagine, our in house development team
here has been working long hours to get these
updates out to our members, but that’s not all.

Lots More coming including new WordPress
themes I’ve had created that work in with
our software, and generate Tons of Viral
and social traffic and SEO traffic.

Forced Viral scripts that I invented and
not seen anywhere else, forcing people
to help spread your website virally in
the most coolest way possible, people
can be a part of your viral campaign
without even knowing it and with your
ethics 100% in tact!

You can be a part of it all for
Just 1 measely buck πŸ™‚


Peter Drew..

P.S Our podcast is coming along nicely,
keep an ear out for it πŸ™‚

About to Start Beta testing and Making software smart

Hey Guys

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years..

This year is very much looking on the up and up, I can assure you..

Our new software is coming along so nicely

By the end of this week we will be in Beta Mode. All our mods will be testing the software. Yay!!


We are adding some human intelligence into this software

Not having created a software that works with over 200,000 sites in the past , pretty sure no one on the planet has either. We had to get our latteral thinking caps on. Can’t give away too much, I have to protect our IP etc.

No matter how smart our software is, it cannot solve every difference between 200,000 sites, so we’ve figured out a way to have humans solve some of these issues for us, (noting this is non member or customer related, members do not do anything, I have people in place behind the scenes to do this) Meaning, our system is VERY smart and will produce excellent quality results.

While our software is working, it is also teaching itself. Effectively what this means is, the software gets smarter and faster the longer we use it..

What is excellent about this, once we’ve had it running for a couple of months, its very much easier to introduce even more URL’s into the database and grow it and these new URL’s will be recognised and work easier, additionally, right now we are limited to a certain specific type of site brand and version types, but as the software runs more we can add more as it gains in experience.

The human interaction happens when you use the software and your software rejects a site.. The software then does some stuff with it.. This site is moved to somewhere and then I get some humans involved behind the scenes, then this site that was once rejected will not be rejected next time a members software pulls it from the database to use.

Why did I put so much attention into these more difficult sites when we already have an over abundance of sites to use? Well no one else has ever used these sites, to they are fresh to us. and the Variety of locations is outstanding, a lot of the issues are language based, solving these issues provides us with truly global location links, which is exactly what we need.

What was originally a simple idea for software for a simple software has turned into more lines of code than EVO itself.. Though thats exactly what it takes if you want to make the absolute best SEO software ever written that will rank our sites in conjunction with EVO better and higher than any other software on that planet.. This is what it takes to achieve that, so our time window was expanded, we only had a tiny break over the holiday period, very little in fact to get this out as fast as we could.

This is what it looks like now

seo software by Peter Drew


Does it get any simpler than that?

notice here we are using the PR 1 to 3’s

we use these in testing in case we break one or two we are not breaking the more important ones etc. with PR

So Mods get your beta juices happening, we are starting shortly… and we’ll take it from there