See what my Wife just ordered!

Hey again!

Very short story,
A big JV associate of mine hit me up about
2 weeks ago, with an amazing new product.
Long story short, he gave me a link to a 2
hour webinar video that was created previously.

2 hours? argh.. But I started watching it
and was sucked in, (this isn’t going where you
think it is) I was captivated so much, I downloaded
it and sent it to my wife’s Skype upstairs in the house.

Our young kids are now both at school and my wife is
looking for something to sink her creative juices into
again, and this looked like the real deal.

Using an amazing platform that makes, making Smartphone
apps a breeze. Then selling these to local business’s.
Just too easy to find and offer an amazing product
on top of my Wife being able to use her creative skills.

The longer I looked into this 2 hour video, the premise
was great, but they had a $40 per month trailer on each
app made in their system. Immediately I was put off.
(That’s after a big initial payment to get to use the
So I started hunting around the web for alternatives.

At this point I was telling my staff about this, my Head
of Support told me about a new one was coming out shortly.

It was released last week and two more videos to go
through, and amazingly, this one was even better.

More features and ability to make “Niche” Apps
with 4 methods of monetization.

I gave this link to my wife, she cancelled her Pilates
and Tennis and sat down to watch these videos.
At the end of it she said and I quote.

“This is great, how do we join? and if it doesn’t work
out, there’s a 30 day guarantee so I can see if I can use

She has now got my mother involved aswell, they are going
to start up an APP business and before even buying
it got 3 parties interested. (Albeit at a lower price
while they learn the process at my suggestion.)

What’s great about this platform is that it creates
Apps across all platforms and has awesome templates
for small business Apps and also another section for
Monetized Niche Apps.. Think Lady Gaga or any other
popular niche, to provide awesome content about these
niches in just clicks , people are referring to these
Niche Apps as very similar to the days of Adsense a
couple of years ago. But instead of Adsense, using
one or all of the 4 monetization models available.
(Plus Niche List Building)

Apps are taking over the world and giving small business’s
ability to send push notifications to their customer
base via Apps with a 95% view rate is just phenomenal
while at the same time building email lists that you
can manage for them …..

Check it out here:

Please make the time to view the 2 videos, the possibilities
are just endless, which is why we really love it.

Bonus for ordering through my link above.
You get 30 days free access to EVO PRO Software.
The easiest SEO software to use to get your
sites on Google First Page.
(note: this bonus is for non EVO members only,
Evo members who order get a different bonus from
within the forum, related to this product. Our Killer
Small Biz converter feature.)
To get your bonus, contact my support team here with your
payment details and they’ll give you your link
for your 30 days access to EVO PRO software πŸ™‚

You know me, I rarely to never mail other peoples
products to my lists, though this time, I pretty
much went out to find the correct product that
tick’s all the boxes, Ive spent an entire week
researching the absolute best one to order for
my wife, that’s simple to use and has all the features
needed, specifically for non coders,
so I’m sharing this with you guys here.

All the Best
Peter Drew.

I have a whole bunch of Awesome Podcasts coming your way
Shortly, I’ve been interviewing a lot of Amazing people
Thus its called “Peter Drews Amazing People Podcast”.
Just Pure content coming your way and you get to know
some fascinating people as I get to know them.

PPS. One more thing, These apps are so easy to make,
You can make them before you even visit the Local Business!
And show them on your phone, their app, easy sell huh!

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