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You’ll remember my wife has started her own
mobile App business targeting small business’s.

Well its taking off very nicely and found her
niche creating APPs for medical business’s
here on the Gold Coast, we made one for one
of my best mates who’s an Obstetrician and now
Main Newspaper here is doing a story on his app
and My wife’s new business.

So its pretty exciting times around our home :).

A couple of weeks ago I was hit up by a guy with
a mobile product to review. I get hit up by a LOT
of people as you can imagine and very rarely take
up peoples offers, since I make more than enough
of my own product to promote etc. Though since
it was related to Mobile and my wife is getting
into it I said, sure.. Send it over, I’ll get
her to read it and if her feedback is good, and
it helps her, then yes.

So I downloaded the PDF and do as I normally
do.. check the word count. 33,000, Impressive
and read the first couple of pages.

Printed it up and passed it along to my wife,
actually I printed a copy for my mum too, who’s
helping my wife.

During this time I read a lot of this document
and being his first product, that this is not
a typical info product. This is an actual fair
dinkum real business product. LOL Its not often
you get info products these days that are written
by people who are truly experts in their field.

Feedback. My wife said this is about making Mobile
Sites, not apps, but she said there are a LOT
of similar principles and she got a lot from
this information and has taken notes and
highlighted lots of information.

So as it turns out its a product about Mobile
Sites, that translates well to Mobile App Creators.

If you fit into this above category I highly
recommend you grab it. Its a Full on Small business
wrapped in an Info Product Price. Its like
under 10 bucks or something, by far the best info product
Ive seen in years, especially at this price.

Hopefully with his next products he keeps the standards
up this high and makes a bit of an impact in the
Info Product market, forcing others to up their
game to suit.

P.S. I believe so much in Joel’s product I’ll back
it with offering people who order it via my link
an offer of using EVO PRO for 30 days at my expense,
paying for captures and services. (This offer is
only for New people to EVO, previous or existing EvO
members get a 10 min skype call with me personally)
((Note: These will be recorded and compiled into a big
Podcast entry))
To get your this offer, contact my support team

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