Twitter SEO trick tip

With the relatively new advent of twitter lists, I thought I’d test leveraging the twitter domain for my chosen term, to get a high listing in google for the term of my choosing.. πŸ™‚

So I made up a list called

Seo Tips

on my Peteinoz Twitter account.


See that lovely keyword phrase in URL, thinking this has to rank well stuck on the side of the twitter domain.

Similar in strategy to my previous leveraging the Facebook domain in Google.

This test is a basic test, sure great to get a URL listed highly in the search engines, though obviously not great, if we cannot monetise it.

So I added my other peterdrew twitter account to this list. So when people searching for Seo Tips in the search engines find this URL

They get exposed to my peterdrew tweets, revealing any links I drop, but further building my brand.

Interestingly I started this test a couple of months ago, when twitter first released the new lists.

I didn’t promote this URL =  till 2 weeks ago, using EVO II, naturally..

Though I did notice today, that this URL has a Page Rank of 4. So that’s pretty cool. my peteinoz account URL has a Page Rank of 6.

Two weeks ago I did an EVO II SEO project over the URL  , then 1 week later did another run.

Today its entered the Serps ranked 50. So pretty happy with that. I will continue to create more EVO II projects on this URL till I make the front page.

Noting: After 8 months, my face book seo tips page, that has been sitting between position No 7 and 3 for this time dropped a couple of pages. So when Using EVO II, I’m promoting both links at the one time. e.g.

My facebook page dropped to page 4 and is now back to page 2. and will get back on the front page shortly.

So in time I’ll have both my twitter and facebook Seo Tips URL’s in the top 10, helping further to establish my brand and get traffic..

I strongly suggest you follow this model. leveraging the power of the twitter and facebook domains to gain rankings and receive traffic. What you do with this traffic is totally up to you πŸ™‚




  1. Cool Strategy dude….

  2. Cool Strategy dude….

  3. Yes that right, if we put name in the url , it can make a big difference…

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