Twitter SEO trick tip – UPDATE


check this out…&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

This is why I love my job so much

Woke up this morning, thought I’d check this thread, then thought I better check its ranking

hmmm.. not in the 50’s any more… strange..

start from beginning.. I’m Floored..

See that Image? No1 for the term
Seo Tips
22 million competing pages
30k searches per month.

all pointing to my twitter account list URL

Which of course I control the content that is displayed on this page. e.g I’ll write up on my blog about this and tweet about it, including link to my blog and it will be displayed right there. No1

Note how many people are paying Adwords for this term? They would all LOVE what Im getting for free.. Seo Tips Traffic

So, make a list on your main twitter account..

then create another twitter account, add this second twitter account to your new list , name of this list being the niche you are targeting, follow my model , promote the list URL from your main twitter account and your up and running..

DO this!! its just too easy..

Took me 2 and a bit weeks to gain this No 1 position..

Start now guys..

Additionally I will tweet about my SEO Tips facebook fan page, and get more fans, each time i update my fan page, links to it are distributed on the facebook walls of all those who are fans, spreading my message virally.



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