It’s All About Trust.

Do you trust a product that’s been referred to positively by a bunch of friends? I do.

Do you put that that trusted product above other non-referred products? Ditto!

Same with search engines… It’s All About Trust.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own online “trust bank” that you could tap into at will, for the purpose of infusing your new or existing websites with Trust to give them the credibility needed in the search engines to rank well and fast?

I’m about to show you a way to do just that, but first let’s explore just how “Trust SEO” works…

Trust in search engines is created by existing “previously rated trusted” websites providing links to other websites- this is how trust is passed on online. That’s why it’s so important to be able to build you own network of trusted on line entities that your can tap into at will.

Trust is also built up over time, meaning that, the longer you are receiving links from trusted sites over time, additional credibility is granted, on top of the initial trust relationship developed.

Think of a big family gathering, all your family standing in a circle holding hands… this is a family trust circle. People within this circle all trust each other, the way search engines try to duplicate this family trust, is not by hand shaking, but by links between already entrusted websites, pointing to other websites.

If your site has links coming from already entrusted websites, then you have just become a part of their extended family. And the search engines see these links and Identify your site as a part of one or many extended families.

Once you have enough extended family links pointing to your site, over time your site becomes one of the trusted sites itself. At this time the search engines will have qualified your site as a trusted website and start ranking it accordingly, meaning very well.

So obviously your online trust bank needs to release this trust over time. Having access to a credible trust bank, with the steady addition of newly added trusted sites is what is needed, or as I call it “Seo Heaven”, which we will cover in chapter 2- Stay Tuned…


  1. Looking forward to your questions and comments



  2. Who can i improve my site?.

  3. Glad to receive an email from you today. I agree with you absolutely about ‘trust’, and ability to own our own network. i got a feeling this is about building an authority high pr mininet, perhaps leveraging aged high pr domains, not sure if it’s going to be similar to seonitro. nonetheless, i look forward to more info.

  4. I have been using Pete’s software for over a year now for my own sites but mostly for clients providing top SEO services. With clients in the top 500 I have become selective and do not take any SEO work. That how good this stuff put out by Peter Dre is. I wish less people would know about it so we can charge more for our SEO services. Capishe?

  5. Good advice from a trusted source.
    Trust is earned over time, secured with integrity.

  6. This was a pleasant and unexpected surprise…

    Thanks…looking forward to more insights…

  7. Peter, its only a thought but with all the established sites that brute force members must own is there not a way to get a really large link circle going,based on evo technology.even if it was only members registering wp sites so that evo could post comments .

    as I say just a thought, looking forward to the next episode.


  8. Nice idea, never been thought before with me. Look forward to read more in chapter 2 …

  9. Totally agree. All business is based on trust. You do need to add to the trust bank before you can make a withdrawl…

    Definitely looking forward to Chapter 2.


  10. Lovely Obanor says


  11. gotcha – I am wanting a wider range of respected backlink sources to boost my sites’ trust levels. Would it be possible to release a secondary run list for EVO some time soon? All the best and keep up the great work your doing Pete!

  12. Hi Peter

    This makes total sense. I was wondering – when building up the extended family of trusted links does it work in reverse, if one or more of those links is from a source frowned upon by the the big G? I am thinking of the case of a blog comment, were the commenter puts a link to their site. If this is from a bad family member, will it have the opposite effect and create a level of ‘mistrust’ for our own site?

    If so then being aware of this would also be important element to building trust.

    I would be interested to know your thoughts on this, I recently checked out one of my commenter’s sites and it came up as being a banned site, suspected of email harvesting!


  13. What about using our links to create personal link wheels and then lin them all together pointing them to our individual money sites? I have heard this is the best way to grow large streams of traffic from google/

  14. @ Andy, SEO Company
    Hey mate, there are pro’s and con’s to using aged domains, sure they work faster in the short term, but if you have the ability to give authority to your new domain, this will do better longer term, since you have your preferred keyword phrases in the domain, which is obviously what you want for long termed sticking rankings etc.. but obviously no reason why you cannot do both at the same time 🙂

    btw. never heard of seonitro..



  15. @Nicholas Mancini
    Thanks for your kind words mate, its nice when something actually does what it says, and more for a change 🙂



  16. @Paul Finnerty

    Thanks Paul.. I appreciate it..


  17. @Fabio Moro thanks buddy 🙂


  18. Well said Peter!

    I absolutely agree with you. Having the trusted site linked back to your website will greatly help your site to rank better, because of the trust!

    Look forward to your part 2.

    Ming Jong

  19. @Graham Taylor |

    its a good thought mate, though not that easy to implement, as noted above we only can use “trusted” sites, in our evo 2 members cases, these are money making sites that will have acquired “trusted” status etc. which most likely are not suitable to adopting a bunch of links from all of our other members etc..

    though I do have some tricks up my sleeve along these lines, but in saying that won’t be able to implement this system till next year.. but its on the table to be implemented..



  20. @Chaves

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy the next coming articles 🙂 there’s a few of them


  21. @David Walsh – Product Launch Manager

    Thanks mate 🙂


  22. @Lovely Obanor

    Your welcome 🙂


  23. @Sam Deane

    its a good question, but the answer is a strange one.. through my experience with my members, if I add too many new sites, people complain about how long it takes for the software to do its thing, even though people are receiving many many more links..
    So finding a great compromise is still a lesson we are learning..


  24. @Mel Lyttle

    Great question, the answer lies in just thinking as if you owned the search engine your self..

    would you penalize a single site for a single bad link? I think not, this would be the easiest way for people to knock out their competitors..

    Its all about ratios, of good, average and bad. Only the search engines engineers know the exact ratios, but these are not hard to estimate and determine via testing. There’s also how good your good links are compared to how bad the bad ones are in terms of quality not volume..

    Personally this is not a thing Ive ever been concerned about. Mainly due to the quality of links we can obtain easily, to counter act these great quality links with low quality “bad” links would not be worth anyones time to try to do to any of my sites.

    In short its not worth worrying about whatsoever, though I do understand a lot of people make a lof of fuss online about bad neighbourhoods and such. This is more related to possibly sites with only one strong links giving them a little juice in the engines etc..

    hope that helps


  25. @Ming Jong – CPA Instruments Bonus

    Thanks mate, hope you’ll enjoy the next article as much..



  26. Just wondering if you will ever be adding spinable syntax into evo. So when posting for one site it could place a different anchor text every second site?

  27. I am looking forward to the next article that will elaborate more on trust ranking..Hope you will share us some case studies on this!!

  28. @Shane,

    We can do this already in the LL module



  29. @Watch One Tree Hill Season 8

    hey mate, lots more articles to come you’ll be happy with them and the examples etc


  30. Well, some good training peter. I hope there is a lot more articles to come. Love your software, really hard to choose between yours and senuke. Think yours is way easier to use. Thanks again.


  31. @Nick yep lots more articles to come mate.



  32. I am using your Loophole program. Would those site that come with the program be considered “trust site” ?

  33. This is kind of an uncomfortable question, and I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but my business partner claims that your evo program just “spams” a bunch of sites with content the sites don’t want …

    I’m not using your software right now but am thinking about it as an option if and when it’s still available. What should I tell him or how can I reassure him? Thanks.

  34. @Frank

    Sure are..



  35. @ Dan Owens..

    Great question, all I can say is this, for every site we get links from, they in turn get more links from us. All sites benefit from being in our system. In over 2 years only had 2 requests to remove sites from our system, which we did in a heartbeat. We are the only service that rewards via links any sites in our system. Once your a member, you can put any of the sites in our system, into alexa and see how their traffic has increased, most times dramatically after we added them. why? 100 of thousands of additional backlinks is why.

    I have my own sites in the system, that are doing very well because of it.

    hope that helps


  36. Pete,

    I agree with the concept and am behind the idea. I want more data. I am building
    a new brand and website now in luxury travel and want to understand more about your new system. Can someone contact me to be included in your demo team? I have stopped everything in my life professionally to follow my passion and build this new brand. I have owned a successful travel agency for 25 years and was never satisfied with my online presence. I have so many opportunities and your products can and will put me ahead of my competition. I follow all of your SEO advise and am wanting more-:)

    Live Well, Travel More

  37. @ Jacque Salentine Busby

    To contact me, friend me on facebook

    There are lots more articles coming with lots more info in this series

    Stay tuned 🙂


  38. Ooohhh… a series of articles. Will this series of articles by chance lead up to the new you-know-what? 🙂

    Regardless, I always love your articles. Sometimes they make my head spin…. but eventually I follow your thinking. 🙂

  39. @Shelly Jo

    No, thats the next series of articles after these 🙂


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  41. “Trust SEO” seems awesome….nice work peter

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