Trust SEO – Part 7 Seo Bank Automation

Trust SEO – Part 7 Seo Bank Automation

The Power Of Automation: BruteForceSEO: EVOII

What does the EVOII Software do? It simply does exactly what you would do if you followed the steps I’ve laid out in the previous chapters by hand, though in an automated fashion so you do not even need to be at the computer- and it does it much faster, obviously.

Typically, once you are used to using the software (as with anything there is a small learning curve- this ain’t a toy or crapware, mate), it takes about 4 minutes to put in your site data, use the software to retrieve unique articles related to your niche (btw we have an unlimited supply of articles on any niche you can think of) and click the start button.

Then you leave the software to do its work, checking back once in a while to be sure it’s not hung on an issue caused by one of the external sites it uses. This is what the software does:

First time you use the software, you need to create your accounts across all the web 2 directories (the software does this for you). These are your base accounts (we call them “static” accounts).

There are a lot of them to create, and typically we get an 85% to 95% success rate when creating these accounts. The accounts not created, you can use the softare to attempt again to create these for you, or finish off those ones by hand, whichever you prefer.

Once you have your Static Web 2 Accounts created, you are all ready to do your first promotion. You supply the software the Main URL you are promoting, The main URL’s RSS feed if it has one, if not leave blank, The main keyword phrase you are wanting to rank for, The related keyword phrases, and click on buttons to choose an account name for your new main yahoo email address, click on button to automatically create this for you.

You do this each time you do a promotion- we use this email address as the email address to create all your other new site accounts during your promotion (these are separate and different from your “static” accounts), the software uses this email address to click on the verification links supplied to it as part of the account creation process, all automatically without any input from you, its a magic thing to observe.

You then enter your keyword phrase to collect unique articles, and You then enter related phrases, so EVO can place links on these sites pointing to your main site with related phrases to help your site gain authority not just for one term, but related terms within your niche.

Click on the Select all button, to promote your site across all the web 2 directories and 135 high page rank sites, or just check the sites you want to promote to, and thats it…

Click on start and your completely finished, the software then goes out and creates accounts on all the web 2 sites… creates accounts on all the high page rank sites, automatically solving the captures presented along the way… confirms all the emails sent to your new yahoo email address, then goes back to all these sites to post your article content, including your links obviously, then places your links X 4 to all the 135 High Page Rank websites.

Once this is completed, the software then makes new RSS feeds from your high page rank account URL’s, then mashes the new rss feeds created from the web 2 account URL’s created in to new feeds, then submits all the new feeds created to the RSS Aggregators.

The software then submits links to your website to the Social Bookmarking sites- typically the first couple of times the software is doing this people watch it in amazement, and that’s no bullsh*t. Though obviously we create software like this to save us valuable time, so I don’t recommend you sit around gaping in awe at EVO- just let him do it FOR you 😉

So once the software is started, we move on to our other business and let the software do its thing. Generally this will take 8 hours to complete- sometimes less, sometimes a little more, depending on connection speeds, site speeds and other varying factors. (noting, to get the perfect run out of EVO 2, takes some time, getting your computer used to working with 100’s of sites in your browser, EVO 2, uses the IE modules that are on your computer, if your IE browser works with everyone of the 100’s of sites, then EVO 2 will also, sometimes you need to add or update flash or similar, and clean cookies regularly to get a perfect run, but you’ll get it soon enough as we do now, just a little persistence is needed in the first couple of runs getting your equipment fine-tuned to optimization).

I hope you can tell from my writing that I just LOVE SEO, the amount of power you have as an individual being able to rank for, or manipulate search engine rankings is just unbelievable. I’m starting to get a better understanding of this now, when discussing it with my non Internet Marketing friends, over the years I’ve become complacent about it, because I suppose because I’m just so used to it, but when I talk to my other friends about it, and what I can do in there, the look of astonishment on their faces reaffirms to me the Power We have online.

As the web ever more encroaches on our lives across the planet, the more powerful we become in the world and not just for generating an income. I’ve been working online now for over 15 years, and its my belief we are still at the very beginning of how the web is going to affect all of our lives.

Remember the web is under 5000 days old… Can you imagine where it will be when its 20,000 days old? I know I’ll be there are the forefront of it, I hope you guys will join me in the ride, its going to be a fun one, that IS for sure!

You to can enjoy the SEO success and power I have at hand, Take the 7 Day Free trial here with a little persistence to get over the

brief learning curve, you to can get the Search Engine Rankings we are all Enjoying now!

Though here’s the rub, typically after the release of this series of articles about SEO, one of my main JV guys has just returned from holidays and needs to pay for it LOL, so

he will be doing a major promotion to his community. I do not publicly state what our membership cap is, though we do have one to keep the integrity of the sites we promote

on etc and our membership is stable because our software does exactly what it says it does, so take this opportunity right now while the information from the previous

articles is still fresh in your mind!

To your Online Success!!


Peter Drew

PS – Love to hear your comments and feedback, feel free to leave a comment or leave a message to me personally on Facebook

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  1. This is the best software available today and I’m very sure it will continue to be the best for many years to come. As the team is constantly improving it. I swear by it. It has made my work so much easier. Plus you get access to a forum that is priceless. The ideas and help is awesome. Thank you peter. You can’t put into words what this can do for your SEO.

  2. Just want to say that I’ve used this for the past year now – and its exactly as the article says. Very very powerful…with a great support forum that come with it.

  3. I have been using this software for the last year. Pete, is right on the money. It’s the real deal 🙂

  4. Hi Peter,

    I can say the software works as advertises in my testing of it. Watching it solve “captchas” is brilliant.

    However, my question is this…doesn’t creating massive amounts of backlinks via Web 2.0, video and article sites in a single day result in you being “sandboxed” by Google?

    It appears that they have a “mean average” time frame expectation for such backlinks to appear. Therefore, if they appear all in a single day, rather than organically over time as would happen naturally, their algorithims automatically discount or even penalize for it. Surely they are aware of your software and others like it. And we know how they hate those who they perceive to be “gaming” their system.

    Best to you,

    • Hey Neal,

      Thanks for your comment,

      In relation to “however” 🙂

      Let me explain this.

      A typical EVO II run
      creates sites with 6 articles each
      gets their RSS feed URL’s
      Mashes them and creates new rss feeds
      Posts these feeds across a whole bunch of RSS aggregators
      Then creates links on 150 High Page rank sites.
      Then creates RSS feeds from the static HPR account URL’s just created
      Then mashes these feeds to create more feeds
      Promotes these feeds across the aggs, providing your links to your site more seo loving 🙂
      submits to Social bookmarking sites
      all up. possibly close to 1000 links created in one EVO 2 promotion.

      But here’s the great part, for all of those links to be discovered by any SE
      can take months.

      So from one inital run, you do get lots of links, but additionally, without you doing anything else, your site continues to get new links over time, possible months, so you do get an initial burst, though you additionally get more over time, which “IS” exactly natural natural occurrence, this is one of the reasons it is so effective 🙂

      Hope that helps clear it up for you 🙂


  5. I am with Neal on this one. I’ve been involved with SEO since 1999 and there has been 100’s of software packages offering the golden SEO bullet.

    Google is very smart to large spikes and massive in-bound links, bookmarks will give them bad signals.

    Don’t get me wrong I would love to buy some software to do my job as I’d have more time with my family. Unfortunately there is no short cuts for building domain authority, which is the key to a successful white hat SEO strategy.

    Chris Horner

    • Hey Chris,

      I designed this software to solve the exact issue you are facing, and it does do exactly what Ive described above, read my reply to Neals comment.

      There are no bad signals involved whatsoever with our automated techniques, only the opposite.

      Consider this, If my software did cause any harm to any sites, then it would be instantly the most popular seo software on the market 🙂 why? cause everyone would by it to knock off their competitors 🙂

      This is not the case, and my healthy 4 figure membership can attest to this 🙂

      hope that helps



  6. Awesome Peter, You should bring back some of the older techings you made to show some of the why and how of the individual parts of EVOII.

  7. Pete,

    Thanks so much for the personal reply, it’s much appreciated.

    I don’t doubt that your software does EXACTLY what it says it does…I’ve seen it and it’s quite impressive.

    My concern is that Google will ‘sandbox” a site that uses it. Can you guarantee that won’t happen?

    As for being a popular product, following the crowd in IM is never
    the way to go. You have to do your own due diligence.


    • Ney Neal, Sandoxing has never been an issue for me or any of our members for years 🙂

      As noted previously, if it did that, then people would use it on their competitors 🙂


  8. Hi Pete,

    I’m curious about where the free article content comes from, and how is it made unique?

  9. I will try your software again, I tried it almost two years ago and the learning curve was a little tough. You didn’t have a good primer on how to use the program at that time.

    I had trouble getting the input and output organized so that I could handle it. I am very weak on parts of IM.

    I also did not have a handle on a lot of what the program was doing.

    I set up a separate computer to just run your program.

    A lot of the web 2.0 properties you were posting on at that time are no longer in business–yahoo 360, geocities, etc.

    The web 2.0 sites that do not have a plan on how to make money will continue to disappear.

    At the time your program was building automated link wheels on 2.0 sites and a lot more.


    • Hi Rick,

      Good to see you mate, You’ll notice some massive changes since that software two years ago.. very much streamlined GUI or interface, 4 mins to setup and let it do its thing..

      Ive invested way over 1/2 million bucks in this period your referring to, to ongoing development of this software.

      I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how far weve come in this time..



  10. Peter,
    I have also been using EVO2 since it was released and Brute Force prior to and have to say that this software does ABSOLUTELY what it is designed to do.

    I had in the past wondered how people got their sites listed on the front pages of Google and now I can do the same thing very easily and quickly. I was amazed at how quickly my sites showed up and although I had not run the software over one of my sites for months, it is still on page two (amazing). Thank you so much for developing and sharing this awesome software app with us.

  11. Interesting post about google and them Sandoxing. I have been using Brute force now for two weeks. I had a site sitting on the first page of google for its keyword for over two months now. I used the bruteforce linkingloophole software to try and rank for other keywords and to give some boost in position. I followed exactly what was in the pdf. Now my site is no where to be found on the internet, explain that. This is discouraging especially after working like a dog getting it to the position it was at (1st page 6 position and making sells). Not sure if your software was the reason for this, all I know is the only work I have done with the site in the last two weeks is use the bruteforce software. Now my site is nowhere to be found by google.

    • Hey J,

      This is 100% typical, if you were watching very closely at your rankings, you would have noticed a jump in rankings before it dropped. this is exactly how it happens for existingly ranked sites..

      Do not stress, it will come back somewhere close to that initial raised rankings location, e.g a lot better than before you started..

      Hang in there and continue to promote every 4 days , you’ll get a big smile once it returns, this is commonly referred to as the Google Dance 🙂

      If you check in the forum, this is discussed a lot and all of these threads, the raknings have come back a lot stronger 🙂



      • Pete,

        I appreciate the advice and look forward to it coming back stronger. I love the software and can’t wait to see the results from it. I will certainly keep you posted on progress here. Just to make sure, I should keep posting links every four days correct?

        • Yep, exactly correct mate 🙂

          can take from 1 to 3 weeks to come back etc.. depending on niche and competition..

          But really, because you are experiencing the google dance, this is a good thing, it means youve been noticed and its going to come back stronger..

          Its only bad when nothing happens 😉



  12. HI Pete,

    I have been using EVO on and off for around 10 months. It was a bit scary at the start,a s rankings shifted all over the place. Now they are lowly rising and in my local market I have a bunch fo number 1 rankings for my money keywords.

    In my niches, the automated articles were pretty ordinary with little content, and most of it irrelevant. Do you recommend I write 6 new unique articles for each new run to maximize the results? What size should these be to carry any weight?

    Anyone who wants top rankigns would be well advised to use EVOII!

    • Hey John,

      As you know the articles are used as content to make all the free blogs that we use, to be able to create links back to our money sites etc..

      “IF” you want these free blog hosts to rank well for your chosen terms, then yes, use your own fresh articles of about 500 words.

      Though I can tell you I have always used the content supplied by EVO 2 each and every time to get the rankings mate, I don’t think you need to go down this path..

      The extra time required to source or write these new articles could be best used in running EVO instead on this site or another..



  13. I used Bruteforce (which preceded EVO) and initially I found that although I never saw the advertised “possession of a full page of Google natural search results”, with care it was worth doing.

    EVOII while much less effort in principle was far less successful. It hung repeatedly or would set up memberships and after an hour or two of waiting would simply fail to read the confirmation emails, and all was wasted.

    The little EVOII robot would sit for hours sometimes with hands moving and sometimes not, but I could never be sure whether anything was happening.

    In the end around last March it would simply not register my email address and open the application more then half the time I opened the program, and it would take 15 to 20 minutes of waiting before a dialogue box would appear to say it had been unable presumably to contact the server.

    I think that I would therefore be very surprised if there was any danger of building enough good links which would put a site into the Google sandbox.

    While watching your emails Pete I was looking out to see whether you had improved your system since last winter, but I am sorry to say that I don’t see any evidence that you have made any changes.

    Can you explain why I had such a poor experience, and why it would be worth investing in now?

    I desparately need a time saving link building system that works. Bruteforce was much better. It was more time consuming, but you could perform each function separately, and intervene more easily if there was a failure, and in those days there were none of those frustrating waits for the EVOII server to respond on program start-up.

    Please prove me wrong Pete, about EVOII. I know that software of this type will always be difficult to maintain when the web sites it uses change their setups and suffer downtime, but the problems I experienced were definitely not in the most part from that source.

    • Hi Steve,

      We have a very high success rate of great user experiences with the software, even though its such a complex piece of kit.

      A small percentage of people experienced those issues you have pointed out.

      Some with help of support got these issues resolved, others did not etc.

      The software is WAY more powerful than it ever was as brute force seo etc.. the amount of high page rank quality sites in EVO 2 is breathtaking by comparison to BF etc. and supplies far superior results now than ever before..

      Its easy to test it again to see this for yourself.. there is the 7 day full functioning Free trial so you can test it again at any time mate 🙂

      It costs me a lot of money to provide this for free for 7 days to people, though the conversion from free trial to full membership is great, so makes it worthwhile etc..

      Best of luck mate.

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy a better experience this time and get the better rankings aswell..


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  15. I’ve been enjoying Evo 2 for several weeks now. I’m extremely pleased with the software and the results so far. Any update on an adsense product?

  16. Wow it’s a good technique and it’s amazing to work with. Thanks for updating me because my company always welcome new tips and techniques.

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