1. Thanks Peter, I wasn’t aware of the social registrations site and as you mentioned the functionality of the two windows makes it pretty handy.

    I have had no trouble out ranking almost every realestate site in Australia with my own site PropertyNow but I still struggle getting about 150 other minor domains to have some rankings and traffic. These tips you gave will help me. Thanks – Andrew.

    Bundall, Geelong and Coffs Harbour

  2. I started using your software for my transcriptionist site 4 weeks ago and I am already up to #6 on google for a keyword I thought would take me at least a year. It is hard to believe it work so well and so fast. Thanks for the software drew.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Thats awesome mate 🙂 make sure you implement the strategies in this series of articles aswell. To get even better rankings over time 🙂

  3. Hey Pete

    Nice description of your SEO process. Point us in the direction of more Rss materials to study? Do you feel this process is more effective in other countries than the U.S.? I know you’re from down under so of course you’ve proven it in your market. What are your customers reporting in European countries and how about Asian countries, specifically China?

    Thanks again for all you do 🙂


  4. Hey Pete

    Thanks for clarifying with this article series – I have learned a lot about RSS from you over the past year.

    One question puzzles me: say I have 6 Web 2.0 sites, a,b,c,d,e and f.

    I can get individual RSS feeds for all 6.

    Now I can combine all 6 and get a mashed up feed.

    Now I could combine a+b+c: another feed.

    Now I could combine a+b+c+(a+b+c mashup) + the 6-feed machup: another feed.

    etc etc

    My question is, where do I stop? Do the benefits just keep accruing the more feeds and mashups and variations I make?

    Appreciate your help in clarifying my brain on this point.

    Many thanks


    • Hey Malc,

      Great question mate.

      When I first started doing this years ago, I went beserk, and ended up with massive RSS loops that grew and grew without me doing anything and some of my members ended up doing this too.

      Your example with a + b + c, is more than enough, though typcially, with each of your web 2 accounts RSS feeds, submitted to all the agg’s in and of itself adds tons of links to the new data you post to these web 2 properties. mashing 6 at a time and then submitting new feeds is great also.. thats what I’d do..

      then focus on gaining backlinks to your web 2 account URL’s , here more the better over time. to get an idea of what I mean over time.. enter
      in google to see what you can achieve over a couple of years .
      No doubt you’ll see the power my trust bank has gained over time.

      If ever I cannot think of anything to do in my biz (which is rare) I’ll just add more links to my web 2 account URL’s
      pays off big time I can assure you.


  5. Hey Pete,

    It seems the link ( is giving me a 404 error.


  6. Hey Pete

    Is this in addition to what I am doing with SEO brute force with my sites?

  7. Hey Pete,

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    1. From the above I’m not clear as to where links back to my own site (money site) are inserted. Are those backlinks ONLY in Article bios, Video descriptions, Blog post signatures (& Profiles) etc or are there other places to insert them?

    2. Is this what EVO does?

    3. Besides what EVO does, do I need to do anything else to achieve what’s outlined here?

    4. This looks a lot like the colourful diagram in the EVO manual. Is that a good representation of what you’ve outlined here?

    Many thanks

    • 1. using article site as an example, if your article accounts have RSS feeds, each time you promote an article to this account, your accounds RSS feed is updated with a link to the new article you submitted inside it. Additionally this new link to your article is updated across the RSS aggregators. so your new article gets spidered fast and has nice links pointing to it, thus giving more link love to the links to your money sites in the bio of this new article you submitted 🙂

      2. This method I’m describing should be done to all your EVO 2 static accounts 🙂

      3. In relation to these articles you should be focusing on doign this with all your static account URL’s inside EVO 2 etc..

      4. Yes.
      Though evo does all this to your money sites that you promote with each run.. doing all this to your static accounts, just gives it tons more power on the web etc 🙂



  8. Peter?

    Why doesn’t the link to your page work?

    A post with a broken like by the master of linking?


  9. Hey, great piece of advice, im dont think im throuh it yet, i have to do some tring. But a question: till now i was using evo to make links to other sites that link to my money site (web2 sites). This way i could get a lot of power 🙂 I could enlarge this circle as big as i wanted… Is this method close tto what im doing? Also, doesnt evo do all the rss mashing ang sharing?

    • @ blind wolf, sencond answer first, yes EVO does all this automatically, to sites you run through evo, to promote it and get it ranking well, as you already know, what I’m discussing here, is with your static accounts. .giving them a whole lot more seo loving 🙂 that helps your promotions even more! 🙂

  10. Hi Pete,

    What about the content? I’m assuming you need unique versions of each article on the web 2.0 sites in order to create mashups that have variety? If so, what is your favorite means of generating unique content?

  11. HI Pete,

    This sounds great. I clicked on the link you suggested for the list of web 2.0 sites and received a 404 error.

    Is this still available? Sound like this is a great idea to get things motoring even faster.

  12. Is this in addition to what I am doing with SEO brute force with my sites?

  13. The new feeds created above are automatically submitted
    to our top RSS Aggregators, distributing their content
    including links to your sites.

  14. This is awesome.. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  15. Hey pete,

    i m getting an error on the link for the list of Web 2 sites…???? 🙁

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