Trust SEO – Part 2. Web 2.

The Wonderful World Of Web2.0

“Web2” sites (generally speaking) are social type websites, where people online can exchange data between themselves in different forms of digital media, e.g. Video, audio, podcasts, webcasts, streams, and via different textual methods like PDFs, text, blogging, articles, forums, questions and answers.

The list is never ending, new forms of ways for people to interact online is ever increasing. Some sites do their best to add as many of these features in one big platform (think Facebook), while others prefer to focus on one model and excel at it (think YouTube).

Sites like these over time end up developing incredible amounts of trust with the search engines, so it makes perfect sense that gaining links from all these sites can leak a lot of that trust relationship to your own website.

To develop all these relationships by hand can be an incredibly big job, though definitely achievable- you can go out and do this right now: simply search google for “web 2 top list sites” or something similar and you’re ready to start placing your links and developing a very strong trust relationship with the search engines- cool, huh!

Side Note: Some of these sites add what’s called “no-follow” tags to any links that are placed on thier sites, this tells the search engine spiders not to follow these links. In some circles some people think that these negate any trust AT ALL being passed from these sites to your own site: This is a debatable point, though in my opinion this is not correct. Here’s why:

While a “No-Follow” tag may prevent a Search Engine Spider from “Following” the link off site, the SE still SEES the original link- it HAS to. Now, if your link points to your home page, and the point is to get the spider to follow and index your entire site, then yeah, I agree… No Follow links suck.

But if you use a targeted “anchor text” link to an inner, targeted page of your site as your link entry, then the SE has NO CHOICE but to see it… and NO CHOICE but to acknowledge it as a link to that particular page and keyword for your benefit. Makes sense, right? So don’t worry to much about “no-follow”… Worry more about properly structuring your links so they negate the impact of the no-follow tag as much as possible!

Now, back to WEB2.0… How cool would it be if there was some way to magically connect all these web 2 properties together, and at the same time, get around the “no follow” attribute tag entirely?

There’s a way so easy and fast it’ll Blow Your Mind, and we’ll get into that in our next chapter- Stay Tuned…

I look forward to your comments and questions below, I’ll personally answer all of them.



  1. Aaaah Pete. The suspense is killing me. lol

  2. Hey Pete, once again, another quality post. Now you’ve left me hanging with the last thing you said! Of course, I love the idea of it, and it sounds like some of the other products out there that can do this, but being a customer of yours since March, I’m sure yours will be superior. Look forward to the next post.

    P.S. You’re really good at keeping people on the edge of their seat! =D

    • Hey Dwad, Lots more info coming 😉
      no other products are doing what I’m writing about here, its info Ive learned personally over the years.

      Any products using similar info are sold by people who used to be my customers and are onselling what I teach etc..

      tons more to come. 🙂


  3. Hi Pete…I just wanted to know how these profiles of ours in these web2.0 sites gets authority…so that they can pass their trust to our site…can you explain this…thanks!!

  4. I don’t see how you would get around the “no-follow” tag other than not posting on those sites or hacking the site to do it 🙂

    I personally don’t care if its do follow or no follow. I comment on both and make links on both. Diversity is key. No non seo person having a site will get all do follow links.

    And google webmaster tells me a lot of sites that are no follow showing up as backlinks.

    • Once you see how easy it is, you’ll slap your forehead 🙂

      though the method is not suitable for 100% of sites, so we only use sites in my products that are suitable with this method 🙂

      Totally agree with your assesement of No follow debate and like you, we diversify.

      You’ll enjoy the next coming articles..



  5. Pete, I have read many cases for and against No Follow tags in recent years.

    However, your explanation is one of the best and most simply and clearly stated as of yet.

  6. Hi Pete,

    Very interesting and informative post for sure, but a killer ending…talk about building suspense!!!

    • This series of articles is due to.

      1. Ipad
      2. lots of interstate flights

      During these flights, I had time to get this all out 🙂

      ended up being 5500 words, so broke it up into a series, as I’m trying to communicate more with my audience etc, and so far seems to be working pretty well 😉



  7. The (Follow – No Follow) debate rages on. Like money, I say it’s ALL GOOD 🙂

  8. Loved it! Can’t wait for more… and I just have to say – either you’re getting better at explaining this stuff or I’m getting better at understanding it. ‘Cause it made sense to me the first time through. I’ll probably re-read it out of habit. LOL. 🙂

  9. Damn you left me thinking about it, what could be the magic way of get rid of NF?. Nice article by the way…

  10. Can’t wait for the next post !

  11. It has been my experience when people do a course like this that in reality you are only skimming the surface as to how it all goes together. Prime example, you say something about a no follow policy that some of these sites have, which is okay if that is what their poiicy is, but then you go into an anchor text for a particular page to be spidered at your website. I know little about an anchor text and what it is and how it is used. What are the benefits, what are the downfalls, is the balance of the website spidered or is it just the page you spidered???
    What does an anchor text look like???
    It is not the “what” that is the issue once you have been on the Internet for some time but it is the “how”. How is this stuff actually done and this is the knowledge that you have that I want.

    • Hey Paul ~ I agree. I need to know the ‘how’ to and this is so hard to find someone who actually teaches this stuff! I have read the ‘what’ and am familiar with this but putting the package together is the jigsaw puzzle.

      Pete is great and has this knowledge but I have found a certain level of technical expertise is required to begin with 🙂

    • Hey Paul,

      all that will be address in the next following articles.. this article is No 2 of 5

      You’ll be very happy with all the info provided by the end of it.


  12. So what you’re saying is to be sure that any link you leave is NOT to your homepage, but to an interior page?

    • Not exactly, though it is essential to link to both domain root and internal directories and individual pages, depending on your site of course..

      Obviously it makes sense to any search engine, that a site that is popular or gaining authority will have people linking to this site, from many entry points.

      While at the same time, using different anchor text related to the individual page or directory you are promoting. and if these different anchor texts are all in a related theme, then your site is going to rank well for many terms within this themeset etc 🙂

      Pete 🙂

  13. Good explanation Pete, i’m here waiting to your next post, you are right i verified this “no-follow” atribut with some websites.

  14. Anxiously awaiting the next post! Thanks for all the valuable information that you’ve been sharing!

  15. Thanks pete for such a wonderful informative post. Can’t wait for the next post.
    Thanks once again

  16. Having 100% ‘follow’ links is very unnatural. In the normal course of participating in forums and commenting on blogs you would ‘naturally’ end up with a mix of follow and no-follow. To specifically chase only 100% follow links would stick out like a sore thumb.

    Don’t worry about follow or no-follow, just like Peter said above the link DOES count!

    I have tracked the progress of one pair of sites closely and they went up in the serp’s equally as fast and I was seeking ‘no-follow’ for the one just to prove a point. Both sites went up almost equally(so close I could not differentiate) and one site exceeded 75% no-follow!

    Just goes to prove that Peter DOES know what he is talking about(of course I knew that, I wanted you to know that!)

    Brian Ankner (non-guru)

  17. Give it to me, i need more. I have an empty wallet so make it light. thanks

  18. How about posting as

    Your Keywords

  19. ooops the above cannot be seen

    a rel=”dofollow”href=”hxxx://”>Your Keywords

  20. For those intersted,
    is a great firefox plugin that you can use to check No follow links on sites, highlighted in your firefox browser, its pretty cool, tons of other handy features aswell 🙂


  21. test from Pete. testing new wp FB connect plugin

  22. Hey Pete,

    I laugh when someone brings up the argument about no-follow not carrying any seo value or power. Fist off, you do not want all your links to exclude no-follow links – hint, hint! Plus if you asked me, ain’t a cow a cow?

    Google has proved to me that even though they don’t necessarily “follow” a no-follow link, they have no choice but to make note of it.

    Think about this. In-Ter-Net…. or better yet, WEB…. 🙂



  23. Again Peter,
    I have been reading your post backwards, I read #5 and #4 etc, It really does make sensce backwards too. Your link in #5 is not working.


  24. I am following your Trust SEO series, Pete. Trust in you started way back, but it is elevated when you run a campaign for someone who is not even your countryman. I am glad you did.

    Regarding platforms like Facebook and YouTube, I believe that it is difficult to gain targeted traffic from these. After all, these sites are not created for people to be involved in “mainstream” business transactions. I still generate links from them, although they do not belong to my top priority list.

  25. Pete can you write an article about email marketing with affiliates


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