SEO pro Challenge to Ashoke

I have a friend online who’s a true SEO Pro, So I gave him a challenge, my site is ranking well for the mid range niches I’m targeting,

though not for the most competitive phrase gold coast accommodation

So the challenge is, for Ashoke to get my site in the top 10 for this term.

If he can do this, I’ll make sure everyone I know who needs professional SEO help gets it,

while I provide evidence of his work, so there’s absolutely no risk in my appraisal of his work.

To make it a bit more fun, I’ll post everything that happens as it happens live every week about this

project and show the work done and the results of this work, it will be interesting to see how it

all turns out. Noting my site is up against some very strong real estate sites in this market, so its

not an easy job. Though I’ve seen the work he’s done, so this shouldn’t be too hard at all for him.

His sites rank in top 5 for strong terms such as Pearls, wholesale pearls and similarly competitive

markets. This guy is a true SEO pro, he has so much power in the SERPS but does not make his own sites

he prefers to do what he knows best, and that is getting customers sites to rank very well.

Date: 18-May 2007

my site rankings for the term

gold coast accommodation

from this image you see I’m ranked 108 in you can see the stats and the competing sites for this term.

Above image captured from this link McDar Keyword Analysis Tool

These are the links I received today from Ashoke from his first report.
(broke the links to hide them as requested)
 More next week on his next report, to show the work he has done and if my site

has changed in the serps or not.

note: I’m currently ranking

No 5 for the coolest guy on the planet

No 13 for Infopreneur






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