Seo and Competiveness in the Search Engines

here’s the thing, πŸ™‚ there is no exact answer to your question..

so PLEASE do it like this..

find a bunch of niches πŸ™‚

from extremely low competitiveness right up to very competitive.

then promote "all" of them using EVO II…

EVO II allows you to rank for terms that are "very" competitive..

BUT, a lot of people make this mistake…

this is the mistake they make..

they have this wonderful tool and hear so much about the great rankings..

and dive into a really competitive niche..

but since it can take a good amount of time to achieve rankings for these tougher terms, these people loose interest and stop promoting their site and end up stopping their membership.. and most likely when they were 1/2 way to achieving their goal of ranking very highly for a very competitive niche.. Which is really sad…. they have wasted time and think EVO II is not working correctly.. when in fact it very much is…

So if you grab 5 niches, from easy to hard..

you make money from the easy ones along the way and see "how" effective EVO II really is..

then next thing you know.. (over time) you’ll see that very competitive Niche is up there in the rankings..

and then you’ll be like the rest of the successful EVO II members πŸ™‚

Doesn’t matter how good your SEO tools are.. SEO is a game of patience AND Persistence:)



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