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Really Simple WordPress Creator…example2.gif

Click on the above image to see the full size image on this image you will see a
blog we created with
our Really Simple WordPress software application.

2 Months Ago I released this Statement to my Existing Customers.
quote :

"My Dilemma……………..
Max and I created this VERY Powerful Software.
So powerful in fact that we could not Publicly declare it.
How do you share amazing software without telling anyone about it?
We have had this software working for a while now, but just didn’t know how
to release it so everyone can benefit from it, without putting the system we
use at risk?
So I created this report targeting people that are interested in SEO and
linking strategies. Between my report and the software below, its guaranteed
to knock your socks off, irrespective of your SEO experience.
This is the strategy we will be using for all future releases of sensitive
Secret Software, so if you see another $1 Report grab it, so you can see
what we have released this time.
So if you are reading this now, you are part of a very exclusive club.
Nobody else on the planet knows about this

After an amazing response from my supporters, Ive decided to release it to
Warriors Only This is the Only Place you can get this software on the

Today 8th March 2008
Peter Drew is releasing this product to a Lucky Few Online

See Really Simple WordPress Creator Video Here

I just added
8 articles.
Account name
Email address
RSS Feed 1
RSS Feed 2
Tags Added Automatically (Very important, read the supplied Tag Love Report to
see why)
Clicked on Start, and only 2 mins later
produced this lovely WordPress Blog in the image below.
NOTE: See the 2 RSS Feeds displayed in the left column?
This blog is now displaying links to 2 of my existing sites.
Plus displaying links to my money site with keyword rich links within the
The Next WordPress blog I create, I will add the RSS feed to the blog Above
to the new one I create.!!!! Are you beginning to see the power of this
NOTE: the Tags in each post? These tags are taken from the title of each article
providing you tons of extra links to your newly created work press blogs.

Example Really Simple WordPress Blog with Affiliate Feeds Image…example2.gif

This software produces Quality blogs, that will pass any spam detection easily
As long as you are posting articles that make sense and provide a reader
information (you CAN post duplicate content, as long as its informative)
Our software randomly chooses between 13 Different Themes to remove any

Ability to use software at a later date to come back and post more content (e.g.
use previous account/password again)
So you can log into any of your WP blogs and update them with fresh content with
Account names and Passwords saved to text file for future reference. (in the
same directory as the software application)
2 X RSS feeds added to RSS Widgets and Displayed in Column.
Category named from title of First Article for increased On-Page SEO.
Update: 8th March 2008 Ability to enter your own Tags. (Very important SEO wise
as you’ll see reading the supplied reports)
Update: 8th March 2008 Ability to name your own category (Very important SEO
Using this software in conjunction with the attached report. you will see you
can use these blogs for both Level 1 and Level 2. (please read the report to see
how this works) E.g. These blogs can be used as RSS Feeder sites or Aggregator
sites, as well as providing links via articles to your money site.
Typically you would use one of our WP blogs as level one.. with the RSS feeds
from your Level 2 Blog, with each of them pointing links to your money site via
links in articles.

To help you even further along your way to getting the rankings you want to
I’m going to give you the option of getting one of my previous software releases
for free with this product.
This is the only Software on the planet that will create these powerful blogs
for you with the ease
to log back in at any time and update them instantly.
This software would normally retail for $97.00
Though this is a Special Offer Deal and you can get it now including one of my
previous products thrown in for less than 1/2 of this price, Only $47
Please chose which product you would like to receive for free with this order.

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Note: Adsense and videos used on these article pages.
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One of My Previous Software Releases Value = $40.00 +
My RSS Jerking Report. Value = $25.00 +
My 3 Way Link Love Report. Value = $25.00 +
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Total Bonus’s = $115.00 + Software Retail Price of $97
Total Price = $212.00
Warrior Only Price at less than 1/4 = $47

DOMINATE Your nicheS

You know what’s better than No1 Listing In Google?

Gaining the top 10 listings in Google for your niche.

You can purchase Software to create sites Just like the above
with YOUR sites with YOUR Niches!
All software ONLY available at

To Order this software you must agree to these terms.
This is for your personal use only.
Not to be disclosed or distributed by any means to any other Party.
In Simple terms this means that you keep the information to yourself and do not
share the workings and or the software itself with any other party.
If you do not agree to these terms please close this page now.
Thank you!

Peter Drew

Order Now before I decide to Pull this WSO.


Some Nice Posts from my Previous WSO’s

quote :

Originally posted by viralgold

Thanks Pete for another awesome product, which I just HAD to have. I swear
you are sooooo far above the "curve".


quote :

Originally posted by samcarson

Hey Guys

I had an issue with one of his last WSO and Pete addressed it like a true

His products are very good. Grab them before the price goes up or you will
regret it later


quote :

Originally posted by winco

Hi Peter,

There’s no doubt you know the ways of the web.

Last month I gave you a testimonial.

Now people tell me if they google my name,
some of the top results are about your products.

If I don’t keep working harder, you’ll be
my predominant claim to fame. πŸ˜‰

Take care, mate!

Edwin Copps

quote :

Originally posted by momsapplepies


I’ve already built numerous sites
using GEO Authority.

If you have been wondering "How else can I get
backlinks and drive traffic to my sites?"

You’ve just found your answer.

(p.s. Try using this side by side with
Petes other new program, RSS Explosion. You can feed them both with data at
the same time. πŸ˜‰


quote :

Originally posted by geri1

Thank you Pete,
a superb package.
Best Wishes

quote :

Originally posted by trotter

Hey Pete,

Your WSO’s are definitely a "must buy". I’m very pleased with RSS Explosion
and this one looks to be just as good.


John Walsh

quote :

Originally posted by trafficpayouts

Hi Pete,

This offer is incredible it is such a steep learning curve in here.

I love it.


quote :

Originally posted by neilgroom

Another brilliant piece of software pete. What I like about it apart from
the links to my site, is that you can add Google adsense to the article.
Amazing. I didn’t know you could do it at geocities..

Can you give us a small hint about the next WSO… Can’t wait to see what’s

All the best from rain soaked UK (Neil)

quote :

Originally posted by warrior0112

Hi Pete;

just purchased your current WSO and am looking forward to unziping it and
getting the ball rolling. Will definately look into your other WSO’S.



quote :

Originally posted by solton


I’m not usually one to gush, but…

I just tried the RSWP and jeez, was that simple.

That was the fastest blog that I ever created and it looked great, too.

Even more important is that I love what it will accomplish.

Thanks again and Happy New Year.



quote :

Originally posted by winco

Hi Peter,

"Just when I thought I was out, (you) somehow manage to pull me back in."

Haven’t I bought enough from you this past month?
I probably even already have BG on an old hard drive.
But what can I do when I see Peter Drew and the price keeps climbing…

Have a great 2008!

Edwin Copps


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