No3 in Google and NO Content. No Site wtf??

I’m sure this new SEO Info will blow you away
as it did myself today, which is why I want
to share it with you right away.

By now after reading my emails you know I just

Love my job!

This is another one of those days that brings
immense joy to a Google Freak such as myself!

In this email you will learn how I’ve got No3
Position in Google for a domain only.

Yes LOL, that’s right just a domain.

No content.. not even a site.

not even a single page, you’ll see
what I mean below.

What I hear you say.???

Let me tell you how this came about.

After the release of my BADASS Report

My emails and PM’s were inundated with offers
to dominate new product releases and the like

Some, to my absolute delight were very insightful
leads into huge profits down the track. If you
were one of these people. Thanks for the opportunity
and look forward to a long relationship.

One guy in particular supplied a mega ground
floor high end ticket residual opportunity,
just by a fluke he got onto this
himself and shared it with me.

I saw the potential of it immediately
did some quick research and saw the huge
opportunity and ordered a domain straight

As you know, we release a Lot of software
products from our lab here. (lab I hear you say?
well my top programmer is more than qualified
to be called a scientist and all we do here
is experiments, ((though most done by
our own robots over time)) time and time again,
developing algo’s, but that’s a long story,
for some other email) So I did get behind
in this project, though have kept an eye
on the market, which has been gaining
in competitiveness, though still quite
easy for us to target.

I contacted my friend about this project
stating I have not started it yet, though
keeping an eye on it and its still easy
for us to do. His reply was, the product
still hasn’t been launched yet, so our window
is still there.

So today I thought I’d better check this market
again in Google to see how many new people/sites
have joined the ranks.

Originally when I was approached about this
new product there was approx 750 referring
pages in Google, without quotes.

Today when I checked. There was 11,500
still quite easy to dominate.

Now heres where the magic that I saw today

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a domain
that looks familiar!

WTF?? erhm.. that’s mine….
copied from front page of Google

Index of /
Index of /. Name Last modified Size Description.
[DIR] Parent Directory 06-Apr-2008 22:06 –
[DIR] cgi-bin/ 06-Apr-2008 21:57 – …

Click on image to see full size in new window.

LOL I couldn’t believe it.

My site. the domain I registered
and created an account on my host
its listed in Google.. but better
than that. Its the 3rd site
listed for the term I’m Targeting!!

Now what does all this mean?

2 main points.

1. This is live evidence of what we’ve
been experimenting with over the last
6 months.

Google is assigning authority to

IP Addresses

This means If you own your Own IP
addresses and you do great work
to sites hosted on this IP, then
this great work you’ve been doing on the
other sites hosted on this IP is then
shared to the other sites hosted
on this same IP!

Conversely, If you do what Google
considers spam to one of your domains,
this also means that this can negatively
effect your other domains hosted on this
same IP.

I have not evaluated exactly the amount
of penalty involved here, though do
know it exists from the rankings
I’ve achieved on shared IP’s

This is all food for thought huh πŸ™‚

How do I keep my experiment sites
and money sites separate? relating
to IP’s. Well I’m in a lucky position
to have many dedicated servers and
use different machines for different
purposes. Some of these have 10 IP’s
some have a lot more. Because of this
I haven’t studied , or needed to study
how the above is affected across
C blocks etc.

2. TLD Name choice is everything.
If this is not evidence enough
the only thing that relates
to my domain is the actual domain name.
No website
No webpages
No Keyword Rich Anchor Text Backlinks
No Backlinks at all.

Just one smelly old $7.95 domain!

Note: These results will not stay
the same for long, I do eventually
plan to put a site on this domain πŸ™‚
and do my BADASS linking strategies
This will give me No1 in Google for this
term for a long time, plus many other
spots in the top Google rankings.

Heres the Google link live right here
6th May 2008. (reason for the date,
If you see this link much after this date, I might
have put a site on it by then)
inutrition – Google Search (opens in new window)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this information.

Your the first that I know of on the web to get it!!

To your Online Success

Peter Drew

P.S. I love getting into products
that are not even launched yet πŸ™‚
who doesn’t?
You can get into this opportunity
as well for f-r-e-e
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