New Google Shuffle early days report.

interesting times huh πŸ™‚

using this site (for months while it was working)

showed me that 90% of all my sites Ive used EVO II on, ranked significantly better in caffeine than google of old..

So I say bring it on!!

A new feature in google like this, makes it a level playing field now.. now is the time to watch the serps by eye and not rely on tools to show listings..

We need to use our eyes to observe whats actually happening, which sites are rising, which sites are dropping, watching the index to see if the all the first page listings are disappearing, how much google is now shuffling around the index.

How important the bigger web2 sites are now in the listings.

I do this in fire fox, one browser window , go to my keyword phrase in google, then open each of the first 10 listings in a new tab, this then highlights these links as previously clicked on links in my browser when I check this keyword phrase again the next day.

I have noticed a complete re shuffle, recently, then some sites coming back

From what ive observed recently, is there are shuffles happening, new sites in fast, but dropping fast too. the more established sites are getting shuffled, though keep popping back..

its looking like the new google index is more dynamic..

but still very early days…

My sites promoted with EVO II, seem to be recognised by google as a more established site and get shuffled, though still hold traction as younger content comes and goes..



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