Native SEO


I thought I’d share a post I made on my forum,

in reply to a member asking about promoting his french website.

I gave a specific answer to his question, then shared this story below

Which I thought you might find interesting as well.

2 years ago, one of my customers went for the term

Make Money

in her native asian language, in 2 weeks after following my methods, she got No 1 in Google and pretty much the rest of the top 30 for that term as well.

Ive been her Sufi, as she calls me ever since. Sure there wasn’t the same search volume as the english counter part of "Make Money"
but she owns that term still and is making Tons of money.

She is a mum of 7 kids, this totally transformed her and her families life.
Thats the beauty of non english marketing..

Your not going up against the big fat seo pros ..

You become the big fat seo pro in your native language

I’d like to point out that she was relatively new to Internet Marketing
about 6 months into it part time, before she met me.



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