Marketing Robots gone WILD WSO, only $4

Robots Gone Wild WSO

In this software application you get 4 Robots in 1.

Web 2 Linking Robot.

1. This software crawls your site to get its links, You then select the category that best suits your site from a list of 44.Your links are then posted across 24 Web 2 social bookmarking domains with a combined PR of 120 (each of these domains are on different IP addresses)
see the Page Rankings here
This provides great pr links instantly, you can use this for all your websites.
Currently in this web 2 network we have over 200,000 pages indexed in, 80,000 in yahoo, and 9000 in MSN.
This is what I used to help get my site ranking No7 in google for the term the coolest guy on the planet, out of over 1 million competitors and No 3 for the term inforpreneur.

Add Domain and Sub domain to WHM Robot.

2. Is very cool, you can add 1 or 1000 domains or sub domains to your WHM, with a couple of clicks. Imagine how much time this will save you? Each subdomain you create has its own cpanel and dns entries when added to your WHM via our software. See the video to see how fast it is, even to add just 1 domain, this software makes it fast and simple.
Video here…778321806739

Domain Registration Robot.

3. Using this software you can enter any list of domain names in the software, from 1 to 500. The software goes to the registrar, and registers these domain names for you, adds the required DNS info, And automatically adds them to your web host in just a few minutes. See the Domain Name Registratio Video below
Video here…128802945731
(note: this program is designed to work with only one registra, which is supplied in the readme.html file, it does not work with many registrars, though the registra we use price wise, is comparable or cheaper than godaddy)

RSS Robot.

4. Enter your RSS feed to the software, This software then posts this link to specific RSS Agreegators that display the links in your feeds on their websites, to provide you with instant backlinks whenever create a new post to your blog/s. (currently there is only one site in the software, though we will be updating this feature with more sites like this in the near future. The best thing about these sites is, you enter your RSS feeds once, set and forget, these sites display your updated links in your feeds automatically, so you get great backlinks instantly. (this is so new, I haven’t even made the video for it yet)

You get these 4 Fantastic bots in one software package for only $4

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