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Lots of people new to Internet Marketing and Learning about Search Engine Optimisation for their own websites and their SEO clients websites want to know about Link Building and How to get Links.

There are 2 Choices Available.

1. Using Automated SEO Software solutions, that have been developed over many years who’s sole purpose is to create very powerful backlinks on Authority websites to give your websites very high search engine rankings. In an easy to use interface and completely Automated.


2. Learn how search engines work, how they grant authority to websites, learn how to find these websites that offer the ability to give you the correct type of links pointing to your website. Learn the linking strategies required to leverage these backlinks. You then need to find literally 100’s and 100’s of these websites to gain one way backlinks to your website.

Once you have done the required learning and investigating, you then need to sit down at your computer and perform all these tasks manually from your computer. Typically this will take a minimum of a month of your time working full time, or most likely a lot longer.

This is often laborious and there’s no proof that your efforts will return the results that you require.

This is why I have spent Years developing our easy to use and totally Automated Software Solution.
You can test our fully Automated Backlink Building software right now for only $1. for 5 full days.  You will be amazed at how simple it is to use and the amazing amount of powerful backlinks supplied by high authority websites in just hours. Your time required is under 10 minutes. goes out and does all the hard work for you, placing keyword relevant one way backlinks pointing to your website. In only a week or 2, (possibly longer, depending on the competitiveness of the term you are trying to rank for), you get that big grin on your face of satisfaction and often non belief, that you actually made it happen. Seeing your site listed on the front page of Google! This smile is only suppassed by that of your SEO clients when they see their websites ranking and bringing in tons of extra sales.

These are the sort of smiles our existing members enjoy all the time. We would like to share these smiles with you.

Take the trial now for just $1 and you too can soon be grinning ear from ear!

The Words Premier Automated SEO Software Solution.


Peter Drew


  1. Buddy, don’t you think doing the link Building MANUALLY rather than Automated SEO Software solutions is affective?

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