HubPages all over the Google, why?


While dominating niches all over Google, I use specific
strategies, (laid out in my BAD Report)

Though what differs is what I choose to use as landing pages

Sometimes I use a Fresh domain, sometimes a squidoo lens
sometimes a HubPages hub.

Using my powerful strategies.
All of the above work very well,
after having so many massive linking strategies used

Though this is the interesting point I found.

While using a new domain or a squidoo lens
as the starting point to focus my links to
I’ve noticed something very special happening.

Time and Time again
I get great rankings for my Hubpages with
little to no Links pointing to it.

Then when checking the stats for these hubs
I notice another very nice point.

Social Traffic on top of and additional
to the Search Engine Traffic.

Ive found that If I choose a nice
long tailed niche to focus on that I
know the search engines love, this
means that Social Traffic such that
comes from Hubpages seem to like it too.

See this image

Hubs make Great Landing Pages
You can add links to your affiliate
products within your articles
You can add money RSS Feeds to your Hub.
You can Add Video
You can add your own Adsense Code and
affiliate codes.

I’ve decided to share my success
with Hubpages with everyone!!

To make it a no brainer

I’ll even make the Hubs For you

All you need to supply is
The Niche you want to target
2 Articles with your affiliate links
2 Rss Feeds, (my report shows you
how to create Income Producing
and SEO producing RSS Feeds)
1 Youtube Video

To make it even MORE of a No Brainer
I’ll do all this for you for
a One Time Single Payment of only

Plus I’ll supply you with a new
Gmail Account with all your Hub
Account info in it. So you can Sell
or Flip it simply. E.G. Sell
the Hub Account along with its own Gmail

Then you to can enjoy the same benefits
as I do in the search engines and Social
Traffic Stakes Easily.

To Your Online Success

Peter Drew

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