Heads UP, 2 Big Reasons

Hey Guys, Pete here again with some GREAT news

I’ve created a way where you can save
$767.00 per year on the Brute Force
SEO membership.

Will be LIVE in exactly 10 hours 20 mins
from the time of this email arriving..

See the count down timer
http://www.bruteforceseo.com  for the
exact time we go live.

Very shortly we are adding TWO MORE
Modules to make your Online Marketing
Life just that Much Easier..

1. The Twitter Marketing Module.
With reports supplied by the Twitter
Queen Dana Willhoit and myself
Dana has close to 8000 followers and
I have over 10,000, does this amount
of followers make life online Easier
and more pr0fitable? one simple answer

With twitter. theres no message bounces
no messages are caught in spam filters
100% effectiveness getting your
messages to the masses!

Check out their pagerank too, very
handy for SEO purposes.

2. the Social Bookmarking Submission
Module. Easily promote your sites
to the top Social Bookmarking Sites
and see how crucial this is to your
SEO Backbone…… SEO Backbone???
As a BF member you’ll learn how to
develop your own SEO Backbone which
makes EVERYTHING YOU DO Online more
powerful from this point onwards.

and learn how combining both
1 and 2 above can do wonders online.

not to mention using both above
with our RSS module.. don’t get
me started on how powerful this combination
is πŸ™‚

That’s what I love about working
online πŸ™‚ there’s just so much to
learn, and I love sharing my
strategies and supplying the
automated techniques to achieve
them fast!!

As per usual there are only
limited spots available

Do not loose out on this 0pportunity

All above created to help you generate
More M0ney as easily as possible.


Watch out for my next email Tomorrow
once we are live, where you get my
Gold Digger Keyword Research Tool PDF
report to download instantly, no options
just direct link.
So you get to see the power of
Just 5% of the entire Brute Force
SEO membership.




Peter Drew

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