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My day job!

Couple months ago,I had been living thru snowy icy winters in northeastern usa for decades and always hated it. Never had the balls to leave.
Since this past november I quit my very last EVER J O B that I just hated and am now living in balmy florida,,,60-70 degrees in janruary and workin on my tan is so surreal to me Im 15min from the beach, and the next move here soon will be to literally have the beach as my backyard (always a dream of mine!)

Big part of it is pete,his crew and the software and of course all the great info(his pdf’s and vids etc) along with the various info from the other folks on this board.It finally cut thru the bullshit for me and im eternally greatful.

I cannot stress the above paragraph enough, I wish i could shake your freakin hand/s and buy you a beer or something. Seriously, all cheesy bs aside, god bless ya

I tend to ramble on in the below post so read at your own risk

felt i should balance out all my bitching and requests so here are some very positive reviews for using LL and BF which has recently evolved into evo

been blasting a few kw that are quite heavy for months now and its almost reached the final goal ie #1

main kw is highly targeted medical/pain type kw.so u can imagine the competition and also the end reward. ie ppl pay to relieve pain perhaps before anything else,now thats a buying keyword

bouncing between #5 and #9 now

gets 110k searches each month phrase month(broad doesnt mean jack alot of the time imo).not a bad search volume imo especially for the type of kw it is

1 million & 30k competing sites broad match(had to throw that in cuz it looks so good lol)
485k in quotes comp

heres the real kicker

ive toppled webmd(screw those pharmy funded bastards), wikipedia,medline

The 4-5 sites that are above me are as heavy hitting as it gets.Old school well established legit medical sites.But……it’s just a matter of time.And I don’t see that as being much longer,especially now with the new update which is sweeet,and the next upcoming update.

Going to throw a few other things into the mix as well.

Other keyword in same general niche bouncing between 19 and 25 but it gets 201k searches a month,phrase match. 11.7 million competition broad…1.4 million phrase match comp.

Again,this one is a med related term having to do with pain and of course my site offers valid healthy relief of said pain.So its not like im ranking for some idiot worthless keyword like ‘everlasting gobstopers’ that has 20mil competing sites and 300mil searches a month,but who gives a @#@# cuz its not monetizable.

3rd keyword (if u havent noticed these are the 4 keywords in using in bf now evo, my main one listed first,then the other 3 in the other 3 LL slots)
Another very specific targetted med term on same pain related condition.
18.1k searchs per month phrase match. ‘only’ 140k broad match competition.
It has 141k phrase match(not sure how thats higher than broad?) but as u can see its very targetted as is.

With that said one would think easy peasy to rank,but this is where plain numbers dont necessarily mean jack.Like pete says u always have to manually inspect G and your comp. In this case its all major old time med sites that are very very authoritative(tons of links,rather old etc)ie medscape,mayclinic,and wikip is in there too etc

4th kw same niche is very targetted but only gets a handful of searches. 720 phrase lol. but again,its all relative.i have been as high as #2 once briefly.now im bouncing around #5(arrrgghh juuuust below the fold!)

432k broad match comp and (someone pleeeease explain this to me!) 5,240,000 phrase match?

well holy schnikies im checking this manually in G right now and Im above the fold in#4. I normally check more often with rank checker and it must pull from a different data center than im as thats sayin #5.

Reason I started the site in the first place for this niche? Mom had the painful condition so i started it as an info site to collect research for her healing(which she is now thank you)when conventional med couldnt do jack as they usually cant.I have extreme ‘alternative’ read ‘real’ healing background(nutrition,herbs,nutraceuticals,energy healing etccccccccc) and I would have done all the research just for her,obviously. But the keywords above tell me tons of other peeps need this info vs conventional drug coverups so…here i am on my ‘crusade’ lol Nothing wrong with monitizing(big time)helping people best of both worlds

It is interesting to me to compare my rankings to the search volume estimates.when the numbers are crunched they match up quite nicely. in other words,for many searches the top 1,2,3 etc spots are ‘supposed’ to get,and have been tested to get,matches up to what i get in my spots.For the most part its a trickle compared to the end goal.

If youve read this far of my blatherings fantastic,now ill give you some insight(at least i think it is).Perhaps nothing new but in my experience repetition is key,plus sometimes one person can say the same thing in a slightly differently angle than the last person and that lil spin causes you to ‘get it’.

#1 I was a dumbass with kw research…i think thats obvious hehe. that much comp period to start out was relatively foolish..in a way. Let alone the type of competition.I wasnt up against a top ten of spammy weak comp,quite the opposite.

#2 on a related note,even when i realized my ‘mistakes’ i kept going.perhaps somewhat out of pride,but i think alot of it is i absolutely abhor having wasted time/resources,and i had sunk alot into it already.plus i had faith eventually i would get it and the payoff would be great in multiple ways,so here i am!

#3 looking back im not saying i wouldnt have started to prom the high comp stuff above,but i wouldnt have gotten possesed with just that.i was obsessed with those huge kw for a long time and it was only a few months back that i listened to pete and spread out into various other niches/sites.i have such a huge ‘niche potential’ list its ridiculous.I currently have a dozen highly actively promoted sites.
I would have started with lower comp(and yes lower volume)keywords that were of a buying nature vs going for the jugular from the start.Im only just now starting to hit more specific kw that are lower comp/lower volume but more convertible$$$ aka long tail aka low hanging fruit or whatver u wanna call it.Its actually quite ridiculous the kinds of kw like this you can rank for quickly/easily with evo i kick myself in the ass from not doing this from the start. oh well live and learn

so biggest lesson learned for me is that

-even very heavy kw are doable with patience and right tools

-start with lower comp to rank for buying keywords to get consistent cash flow coming in to fund your new ventures and so u dont have to work one of those pesky J O B ‘S! And I ‘get it’ now,all those links for the ‘lower’ kw not only rank your site for those kw,but give overall power/authority to your site as a whole.this makes ranking for big kw easier as you move up.im a slow learner till now what can i say!

I hope if anyone does actual read this they are inspired that they can rank for sweet kw if they apply the info/software and keep at it.And hopefully learn from my mistakes mentioned above and save time/aggravation and earn more money sooner!

Plus,and this is a big part of it,putting this out ‘publicly’ here means its sooo ON for this particular project especially. Will push me to keep at it for my main ones, and also as motivation to keep my head out of my ass and keep at these lower comp buying kw that dont take so damn long to rank for

Ive made similar backwards mistakes on my other sites mentioned above.Which I am now remedying with finding/hitting lower comp buying kw ie product names etc which is ridiculously easy with evo im finding(much to my amusement and annoyance since i took so long to start!) All this low hanging fruit is delicious!MMM MMM Profit tastes goood! Sure beats all those ‘broke sandwiches’ i had been eating for so many years

ps-thats for my first niche. i wont post ‘gory details’ of the next one but the one main one that soon followed the above has similar traffic and similar competition that is in the adult niche.NOT porn but w/o giving niche away lets just say its sexual aid related(info etc not pills or other junk etc)

will post stats on that tomorrow as ive written enough and im probably talking to myself after this long anyways haha.ive got more promoing to do before bed.

unless its a prob with admin for some reason? would be nice to see other peoples ‘logs’ as imo its inspriational.and its great research.i certainly wouldnt post my actual keywords/niche but the above style info would be great. great to learn from plus it allows ppl to see what is working and who is workin it ie whose advice to follow(ie who is ranking for badass kw,their traffic, and especially their saaaaaaaaaaales)

Good night! Im here all week lol




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