Ebay top 1000 Daily Searchs revealed in Gold Digger Niche Research tool

Ebay top 1000 Daily Searchs reveal in Gold Digger πŸ™‚

See the new link here

I’m very happy to announce that we have added the top

1000 Search Queries for Ebay, Listed Daily! (though note the results are 2 days old. but updated every day)

This is a very valuable resource.

product search results come through Ebay’s item search form.

We found the back door to this data πŸ™‚

The top 1000 searches are from 2 days ago. The top 1000 searches are not released until 2 days later.

Everyday this list is update. Each search term is linked to our main keyword tool which will find related niches based on the Ebay keyword from the top 1000 list that you clicked on.

The initial page displays the listings from highest searched at the top of the page, to the lower of the 1000 results at the bottom of the page.

Beside each listing is the Google competition, standard competition and in Quotes, for easy reference.

Once you click on any of these results on the left, the Gold Digger will then drill down deeper on these results to show you the long tails related to this initial result!

Why is this so great I hear you say? LOL

This is live results from what is popular Right Now…. This will reveal products and brand names that people are paying for Right Now…

This is the internet telling you whats hot , talk about trends, these are live results.

Want to know which products or brands are selling well? My link in the Gold Digger tool will tell you right away..

If your ever in need of a new niche, its now just too easy to play around and find some incredible niches, that are products…

Remember when drilling down.. focus on the action keyword phrases..,

If any of you ebay affiliate sites, this tool will tell you what to focus on promoting. and supply you the best terms to use.


Use your password supplied upon your $1 trial to get access



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