Current 2013 Seo and Traffic Generation + Secret Pro Tip.

HI Everyone, a few days ago, I was booked in to do a Podcast for a buddy. Though at the last minute, they changed to a webinar.

In readiness for the post cast, I made a bunch of notes to be prepared etc

Instead of putting them to waste, I thought I’d share them here in
this blog post.

* Sites need to load fast and be easy to navigate.
Google focus’s on user experience.
So obviously if your creating a new site, it needs to be responsive, so its suitable for Mobile aswell.
(As we all know, referrals from mobile devices is going through the roof and will continue to.)
Google will give “Preference” over sites that give their users a better user experience.

* Its great to have anchor text with positive sentiment
in them pointing to your site. A good/Great review of XYZ as a basic example.

* Links from powerful domains, including variation of TLD extensions, e.g .com . net .EDU, and obviously from Different IP C Class.
IPs work better when suiting the country that the website is about. Particularly Clean IP’s, though that are not stuffed with 1000’s of IM websites.

* Using natural though varied/different anchor text in your links. depending on which linking strategy your using. With tiered linking, its a combination of exact anchor and varied, depending on which level or teir your links are on etc.

EMD’s are still working. with our without hyphens – particularly as sub domains. (There is still debate about EMD penalties, though safe as sub domains.)

Main strategy especially for those starting out is to target long tailed keyword phrases. Its always better to get initial results and go wide and start enjoying traffic sooner which builds confidence, brings in income and then allows you to use what you’ve learned along the way to this point, to then start targeting higher competition, higher traffic niches in the search engines.

* Using social bookmarking sites is still relevant and a must IMO.

* Rss submissions IMO is the glue which brings your linking strategy all together and helps build links over time, helping your link velocity average.

I was asked to talk about traffic generation, so obviously I had to refer to my software that does nothing but supply traffic easily.

* Instant Traffic Software.

Our software posts your message via hashtag streams
across 3 social networks.
Google Plus
and Pinterest.

On of our customers shared in our forum how he got 6000
clicks using only 30 twitter accounts which then converted to almost 2000 email subscribers.

Not bad considering you can load up , unlimited
twitter, pinterest, google plus accounts in the software.

Utilising Social sites for rankings and traffic.
Pinterest is great to get backlinks and traffic, if you have
awesome content to provide to them. (Our software sources awesome image content from Insta gram.)

Links from Google plus carry a lot of weight. Especially when related to Author.

Using facebook fan pages to rank for specific terms. converting these viewers into likes and building a like

Similar for Pinterest and Twitter (create keyword specific list names and SEO these list URLs)

Secret Pro Tip.

(* Sub domains are carrying a lot of weight, irrespective of the issues or penalties of the TLD. so if you have a TLD that has previously been penalised, though the domain has had authority in the past. You can get a sub domain to rank very well on this TLD. Not many people know this if any. It works with 90% of the testing I have done. So its really worth a test and you can rehash previously lost domains. )

Lots of people have had domains penalised in the last recent history.
One thing no one is talking about is this. Creating Subdomains on domains that carry authority though have ranking penalties. Guess what? Very few if any penalties are carried across to Sub domains. Well this is what my testing has shown. So Test this out on a domain that’s no longer performing and put a sub domain on it. Put a fast loading responsive wp theme on it. Add some awesome content. Leave it. (possibly promote its RSS feed to the aggregators to get
some faster indexing.)ย  Check its rankings over the next couple of weeks. I think you’ll be surprised ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then start your normal seo over time. The advantage of this is you benefit from the authoritative building you have created in the past for very little effot now. Rinse and Repeat if your results are brilliant. This (kind of) works on the same principle as buffer sites. Though works extremely well in my testing, you may have different results if your TLD has different or stronger penalties against it. Though deffintely worth the test.

Speaking of Buffer sites, wait till you get your eyes on your new to come EVO Pro Update, its pretty amazing, completely automating the process of creating teir 1 buffer sites to give your money sites the perfect link juice they need without ever again worrying about penalties. Completely Automated. Which you can use over and over again without any risks whatsoever. Plus, we’ve come up with an ingenious way of allowing our members and others to have their sites participage in the new Tier 1 system, collecting awesome content mixed in with our custom curated sites. Meaning people can add their own sites into the mix and enjoy amazing seo and content and thus traffic, while participating in our new EVO PRO update. Its really a Win Win for everyone. I am not charging any more for this new Update as per usual, even though our competitors are charging up to twice as much per month as we do, but for just One website. With EVO PRO you can use the software on as many sites per month as you like and over the same domain as many times as you like per month.

Which you can test here for just $1

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or via twitter @peterdrew

Till next time.


Peter Drew

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