Create Unlimited Squidoo Lenses to buy or sell easily

Add Up to 20 Articles
Add RSS Feeds
Add Video URL
Add Tags
You have Now Created
10 Custom Squidoo Lens’s




But it doesn’t stop there! With
the Supplied Reports and

BADASS Affiliate Dominator Report

Bonus’s You will

learn how
to get Incredible Traffic to these newly Created





You can create one
Squidoo Lens for
EACH of your Related Keyword Phrases
to DOMINATE your niches and get the traffic
you have always wanted.

It works like this.
The software creates your Squidoo Account.
The for every 2 articles you add.
The software will create 1 lens for you.

E.G You add 10 Articles
In just minutes you’ll have
5 different Unique Custom
Squidoo Lens’s

Plus you Add
2 Rss Feeds. (Affiliate Feeds are Great)
1 Youtube Video URL.
For each lens created.

If you add 10 Articles
The software will automatically
create 5 Lens

(do not order here, get My Special Price Below)

This software is limited to only 200


Live Stats Showing how many Visitors you can expect
to get with your LensGeneratorPro Lens,
after you following the strategies listed
in the BADASS Report. (BONUS)

The SEO Reports Supplied with this product show you
exactly How I created this Lens and promoted
it in the search engines to
Generate these Fantastic Results.

The Supplied Reports Show you how to gain these
referrals that send tons of the Link Love
Required to get these Fantastic Rankings,
just like this Lens.…nsstats4.jpg

How I used this software to generate over
$7200.00 in just over 1 week

I ran a WSO creating lens’s for people
starting at only $10 with price increasing
at 20 cents per order. The orders flocked
in. I then ran another promotion to my list
only. Between these two promotions and hundreds
and hundreds of orders I created over $7200
in income simply using my software to create
Len’s for customers who supplied me their content.

You can do exactly the same. Outsource yourself
or your staff to create Custom Quality Lens’s
for your list. Or setup a site specifically for
this purpose.

See just some image captures from my Paypal Account.…spaypal1.gif…spaypal2.gif…spaypal3.gif…spaypal4.gif

There’s Absolutely why you cannot repeat these stats above,
by creating custom Lens’s for your Customers
Create a WSO right now!
Send out an offer to your list.
Present your offer in Other Marketing Forums.

Would you like to know how much I paid my staff
to create the Len’s I sold above?
$1.50 each lens created πŸ™‚

This Software was created to enable people
to Create Quality Custom Lens Fast straight from
Your Desktop. This is not an SPLENS Generator.

Example of Lens created and promoted
using my BADASS Strategies.

How much could you flip this lens for?…nsstats3.jpg

Nice huh? πŸ™‚


Take your Trial Now! While you Still Can!!

$4.95 to test this brilliant profit making
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Tiff’s PLR ebook on Flipping Len’s Value $27 Alone.
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the trial period)

Plus an
Amazing Affiliate Program


Pays you Instantly

your customers order.

No Waiting at all. You get an email for every trial one
of your Customers makes

and make your Commission on the Trial and recurring commissions instantly

they hit my PayPal account, yours gets hit as well.






  1. Thanks for the advice. I’m going to put that into play for my online coupon, and promocode site

  2. Are you still selling this software? When I click on the button, it takes me to SEO Brute Force.
    Please let me know.

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