Big News

You guys may have noticed that I have not been in here much lately..

I’ll explain why… but where to start?

Ok I’ll start at the beginning.

Over the years developing software, we produce excellent products that do exactly what they say they do… but we have kept loosing customers because they are not making money.

why aren’t they making money?

Some of the issues Ive seen that stop people from making money.

Targeting terms that are way too competitive , these are doable, but take longer to achieve than their patience permits..

Poorly designed or layed out websites.

Their income generating system is not fast or instant enough, so they loose interest.

No idea what to promote.

No idea how to monetise web site easily.

Loose focus and change methods before any true results occour.

No focus on websites, no direction for the surfers to follow to make the site owner income.. e.g sites with way too many products = confusing their visitors.

These comments are not directed to you personally in any way, this is what Ive observed over the years having deal’t with litterally 10’s of thousands of customers.

If you are reading this, most likely you are not doing these things listed above. I’m just explaining this to you, to give you an over view of the problem I have had.

The problem being, my products work, though people are not making money with them, due to external issues, not related to the performance of my products etc..

So to answer this problem initially seemed a massive task. In a perfect world, I’d come up with a solution that bought back the massive income days from 4 years ago, where anyone with a little get up and go could make an incredible income from Adsense…man those were the days there were over 20,000 people making over $10,000 per month from Adsense. Sheesh my mum, using a little script I made her was making up to $250 per day from adsense. Till she stopped doing it, because it started affecting her pension.

Personally I don’t think these days will ever return, but this is what I set as my goal..

This is a problem that has been with us for years and for years Ive been trying to solve this problem for all of us..

Getting back to why I have not been in the forum recently.

Over the last 3 months a new new internet business model has been forming , what I love about this new model is it address’s problems with xxxx xxxxxxx and internet marketers in a way never seen before allowing symbiotic relationships to be formed simply and easily where every one wins

and in the process addresses all of those issues listed above that have caused people to not be successful online.

Additionally its totally Free to join and participate in it. though like any serious business does take some effort, the more you put in , the more you will make.

Unfortunately, Im not at liberty to disclose any more about this new business model till we go live. Once this new company is live, I will hold it off for a week to educate all of you about it first, so you get first dibs at this very much incredible opportunity.

If your response is only 1/2 as great as the response from the Moderators of this forum who I have discussed this project with, then you’ll be very very happy.

My Moderators have signed NDA’s about this new business model, so please do not ask them the specifics about it.

Though they will be acting as beta testers for this new system and will be able to give you real life feedback once we go live in 4 to 6 weeks..

You will be very happy to hear that I have enlisted award winning australian developers to develop this new online business, completely externally to my existing business. Meaning Development of EVO II continues on progressing as per usual.

I have formed a completely new company here and in the states to accomplish this.

In fact I will not be putting my name to this product at all.. only the company name. Though you guys will obviously be privy to the ownership of this new company formed.

The infrustructure behind this new online business model is massive, making anything I have done previously look tiny.

To manage the production of this new company and online biz is what is taking a lot of my time, thus I haven’t been frequenting this forum as much lately. (though I have still be helping behind the scenes a lot)

The Company Im using to develop this only works on massive corporate websites, one of his last sites sold for 8 figures to a large US organisation.

So there we are.

I’m not in here much, but it will be to everyones benefit in only 4 to 6 weeks time.

This new business model is going to make all of us a LOT of money, in a very simple and easy fashion. The best thing about this new model is, there is absolutely NO ceiling to it. Very similar to the good Ol adsense days, in fact I think its as close to the good old Adsense days as any one is going to get.

So we have many happy days ahead to look forward too!!

People at the begining of this new business model (thats you) are going to do very well out of this, and LONG term. efforts you put in now can pay off for years and years

LOL just realised, this might sound like some MLM thing.. I can assure you there’s no relation to anything MLM at all , just to be clear!!



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