At Last! Brute Force SEO is Near just over 24 hours to go

Hi some great news.

Brute Force SEO is live in just over 24 hours And

Helping a mate sell a 20 million dollar Private Island in just 20 mins.

A Simple 20 mins work Case study and results.

There’s a bit of a story here, though hang in there
You’ll see how:
1. I helped a Friend and
2. Dominated my new found Niche in Google in just 20
mins helping my friend towards making a
$15 – $20 Million Dollar Sale.
I Achieved this by using just 2 of my Brute Force SEO Tools
in under 20 minutes. From receiving the email below to complete
Ok, here we go. Yesterday I received an email
from one of my Best mates Brett. He sent this email to me.
Selling the island Auction 14 November 2008 Brisbane Ray White
Have a look and pass it on to anyone you think is a possibility
Thanks Brett

Please find the link below.Just click on arrow in middle of left screen to play Property Video. 

So I went straight to my Brute Force SEO
Niche Research Gold digging tool to check
out this niche, e.g Private Island. My
tool showed me how many searches per week and month.
(all Brute Force SEO $1 trail takers get access to this great tool)
Then showed me how many pages competing in Google, plus
How many direct Competitors. From this quick investigation
I knew with confidence that I could do well in a range of niches.
Using Only "One" Module in Brute Force SEO Traffic Software.

So I right clicked on the link above and downloaded the
video, Uploaded the video to YouTube.. Using my niche name
as title. then fired up Brute Force SEO used one module
to send this video to 19 other Video Directories. Using
the keywords found in the Gold Digging Tool as tags
and in the description field. I also put the Sales Agents
Name and Number in the Description of the Video.
In under 24 hours I’m all over Google front page for
4 different Niches, hopefully sending my mate Brett
Some valuable Leads.

Why did I do it? because when you have the correct
tools, this gives you a certain level of confidence. I
do not like to waste my time, So I kinda new the results
before I even started. I was on the phone to my
friend just after I send the videos out. he thought I was
being cocky, though today he see’s I wasn’t. I just
Knew it was possible and would be seeing results
in under 24 hours.

I suppose what I’m trying to share in this email
is how great it is to be confident in your abilities online
when you have the right tools and knowledge.
With Brute force SEO, you will get this level of confidence
and the ability to know before you start a project the level
of success before you even start. This is a Great Feeling!
I’m not a hunter. but just cruising around the niches revealed
in my Gold Digger Niche Research tool kinda gives me
the feeling a hunter would experience? who knows.. but
its a buzz, seeing these niches revealed right before my eyes
knowing I can "Own" these niches pretty easily!!
This is the feeling I want to share with you guys.

Hoping you’ll jump on the Brute Force SEO
Wagon with me for just $1 and 7 Day Trial.
See the full Case Study of the above example
and the results 

Brute Force SEO Launch Starts
This Sunday 11am 12th October
Do Not miss, as there is only 1000
Spots available. As you most likely
know this is on of the most anticipated
SEO and Traffic Generation Launches for a Long time now.  See the count down timer.
Check country time here 

To your Online Success

Peter Drew.

P.S. I’m releasing these first 1000 spots are a Reduced Price
that will never be repeated. Your only chance to get
this reduced rate. Its going up in 7 days after the initial
Trial Period ends. So if you get the trial Hold onto that spot to keep
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