After 15 months its Here. Get Paid to submit articles


Hi My Friend, and I hope I can call you that. Sit down, grab a cuppa and have a nice read.

Man, its been a hectic last couple of weeks.

Where do I start. After 15 months of development, Ive finally released my Article Sense Network.

I tried to, and successfully achieved, creating a product that gives people from complete newbies through to experienced marketers a product that achieves what ive been enjoying since I started my intenet career. Specifically the ability to leverage your time while creating a great income in the process.

To achieve this goal you need a product thats a win win for everyone involved, specifically where one member of a communities input helps the other members and visa versa.

This was a huge project to undertake and I edited, revised, changed my design over and over. much to my developers grumbles, though as the product grew before my eyes, I could see other ways to improve it. If you have had any dealings with programmers, this is what they love. 1. a clear to understand specification, set budget. end of story. Then they go and produce it. you test it and find bugs. then its over, move on to next project. Well I did have a clear and precise specification for my project. It was completed. I used it. I then saw ways to improve it. re designed the specs sent them over , again and again and again and again. Luckily I have a great relationship with my guys and they were happy to oblige. Its great to have developers who work for you, who also have pride in their work and want to see it succeed, even with the grumbles involved πŸ™‚ (of course the budget blew out many times)

I saw first hand the power of a community working together with my previous site , this site generated 9000 members in 4 months and the majority of these members followed the steps I provided in the forum, in terms of how to get their video pages ranking well in the serps by providing backlinks and generating referrals, which is exactly how the site gained so many members.

So i had the basis for a very powerful viral system using 2 tiered adsense revenue sharing., though this was for only 1 website.  and this website had very little content on it.

So the simple answer to content is to provide Articles as content. The answer to giving everyone the ability to profit from this was to create a network, where people can get their own viral site with Article content., with the addition of having the ability to place video embed code within your article along with your adsense code.

Once you get a network of sites, you can do some pretty groovy stuff. This is how this network works. member submits an article to site 1.

The first 500 characters of this article is then distributed to 33% of the sites in this network. Aswell as the snippets of your article being posted this is what happens aswell.

If you submitted embed video code, this is distributed along with your first 500 characters

A link from each of these snippets is pointing back to your original article with the title of this article as the anchor text.

Your adsense ID is distributed across the network with your snippets.

Your Authors box, containing the links you placed in it are distributed across the network, providing great backlinks to your own websites.

Your snippets are populating content to the other sites in the network.

So this shows you the power of a Viral Article Revenue Sharing Network, and all this for free!

So anyone who purchases a site to put on their domain has a great ability to generate members to thier sites and grow a list. While my forum teachs this persons members how to gain referrals and get their adsense ID displayed on their referrals articles 10% of the time.

This is really a win win situation for everyone involved. Ive provided the technology and the tutorials via my forum to allow any free member or site owner

to leverage their time online.

As I said It was a huge undertaking, though I’m very proud of the results.

Already in under 2 weeks weve gained over 2000 free members.. getting close to the 5000 in alexa, over 100 sites in the network, as these sites mature in the search engines and these members create all the links to the individual sites in the network.. This network is going to be a Huge presense on the web.

as you can see im sure.. products like APR are a thing of the past.. Giving away your valuable article content to the top Article directories is a thing of the past, why would you ? when they are just laughing their ways to the bank every month on the backs of your content.

If you would like to see my full story on why Ezinearticles are using you. see


In closing is totally free to join and submit articles and generate adsense income 2 tiered, plus 2 tiered Affiliate Commissions 33% recurring and 10% recurring, or you can also become a partner and get your own copy of this site and join the network by becoming a free member then clicking on the buy now button and enjoy the benefits of generating a lot of members and owning your own authority article revenue sharing directory. Just to be clear, If you become a partner and own your own Article site within the directory. Your members revenue share the adsense with YOU. I do not have any adsense on the partner sites. only on my own sites.

Oh I nearly forgot. Each site has 26 Top Level Categories, with 272 Categories all up. You will see that these are the exact same 272 Categories supplied by the new Adsense CPA or Referrals 2 program. So each article has 2 forms of adsense on them. On the Left, is a sky scraper ad offering google adsense CPA listings. and the Adsense for Content Ads within your article. So weve covered all angles and provided the best opportunities to generate great income from adsense.

After all this has settled down a bit, im taking my family out for a long needed holiday on the beach somewhere πŸ™‚

Love to hear your comments on my new system.

To your online success.






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