Add Tons of Domains or Subs to WHM FREE!

Auto Add TONS of Domains or SubDomains to

Q. What’s the one thing all internet marketers have in common?
A. Websites of course, owning, creating, adding to hosts.

Below is a link to a free program that makes adding
any amount of domains to your WHM
in just 2 clicks
You can also use it to create sub domains instantly.

Interesting Info about Sub domains
Firstly did you know there’s 2 ways to create sub domains?
1. From within your domains Cpanel.
When you create a subdomain via Cpanel, the files
for this subdomain reside in a directory within the main
domains account, generally /public_html/subdomainname/
2. From within your WHM
A lot of people don’t know that you can add subdomains
via WHM and the benefits of doing
If you create a sub domain via WHM
This sub domain is just like adding a normal domain
e.g it gets its own Cpanel and DNS entries, some
people argue that subdomains created this way
perform better in the search engines since they
have their own DNS entries, personally I’m undecided
on this point.
Personally I prefer creating subdomains from within WHM
e.g if I put a blog or a forum on a domain generally I will create and create this subdomain via WHM
for me its easier to manage the files created in a subdomain via WHM
easier to check stats, ftp paths are simpler
About ftp paths
Cpanel sub domains
web =
ftp =

web =
ftp =

Now onto The software to auto add domains and subdomains
to your WHM
See the image here.

Free Domain adding script
You can add any amount of domains you wish instantly.
You can also add any amount of Subdomains Instantly.
To start, enter the WHM domain name e.g
Enter Your WHM user name
Enter your WHM password.
Enter your email address.
Then click on the "Retrieve Packages" Button
This will load the exiting packages you have created on your WHM
Select the appropriate package for the domains you are about to create.

enter domains like this.
any amount you choose.
Important: To create Subdomains in WHM
you must have the domain account created first.
Enter sub domains like this.
or you can use multiple domains and multiple subs
any way you like.
This program creates the username for these accounts created and uses
your password for each account created.
Click on the "Add Domains" Button
All done, Simple huh πŸ™‚

Requirements. WHM with Cpanel X theme as default. This program will only work
with this setup. Though 90% of hosts have this as default.

This is a free program and is not supported, feel free to ask questions in
the forum about your settings if required πŸ™‚
forum here


Download the software here


Included in this software is the Web 2,
Digg Site Link Network which you can use for free aswell.


Pete πŸ™‚
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