Only $1 to try this Amazing New Pinterest Software its Awesome.

Pinterest is all about Quality, the quality of content that rises
to the surface in that amazing website is just breathtaking.

Ive not seen anything come even close to it on the internet, especially
on such a massive scale..considering, that its driving more
referral traffic than Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn , Combined!! Pretty Amazing stuff.

So obviously we needed to create a product with equal quality, that enhances
peoples Pinterest Experience and gains them new followers and friends
while providing these new people with a quality experience.

This is exactly what we’ve done with our new PinFriender software.

This software saves you, a massive amount of time, while providing
you with over 1000 new friends or followers per week to your Pinterest
accounts. You can use also use it on more than one account.

We didn’t go out to make a crude spam bot, like some of them out there
for the blackhat crowd.

We’ve created a quality software solution for all of us to use, to really
leverage this new massive spectacular traffic driving website
called Pinterest.

On top of generating a lot of friends and followers for your
pinterest accounts, our software also provides your Pinterest
accounts amazing Content. Using Keywords you provide, our software
goes out to Amazon, sources amazing content and posts it directly
to your Pinterest account, including of course your Affiliate ID.

We have implemented in our software, special techniques to ensure
your Amazon content is always associated with your Affiliate ID.

Our is the only software that is doing this.

We all know that the vast majority of the market in Pinterest
are Female.. But what content should we be delivering to this

Luckily when your trial completes,
as a Pinfriender Member you get access to my
GoldDigger Niche research tools, where listed under “Labs”
You get access to my Amazon research tools, showing you
exactly what is popular and trending and enabling you
to dig deeper into these niches.

Plus we have plenty of other exciting additons to this
software planned, that as a member you get access to
once we update the software. Its a bit hush hush now

You will Love this software.

Ive provided a 5 day $1 trial period, so you can see
for yourself exactly how it works, how to gain followers
and post amazing content.

And Now Onto the Software.

Peter Drew

Amazing Pinterest Affiliate Opportunity

Affiliate Promotions that Stick!! and Hang around for more Sales!

This will take you under 2 mins to see and understand
this New Simple Method of Affiliate Marketing that

Meaning, you do one simple action and it can gain
traction and be exposed for a Long time.

go there now..

1. Enter your Paypal Email Address that you
use to Receive your AFF Comms in etc.
2. Click on the
“Generate Affiliate Link” Button
The page will refresh and present your AFF Code embedded on page..
3. Now you’ll see the 3 Social Buttons.

(note: the <your code> will be replaced with your AFF ID after entering paypal email etc)

4. Simply click on each of these, these social buttons have your AFF ID embedded in them.

Pinterest Particularly can be VERY Sticky, if your followers are into SEO, you may well get a lot of likes and repins.

This simple 2 min procedure above, should be used as an example to see how many sales this new type of affiliate marketing makes you, then see how you can implement similar on your product pages etc.

Note: As soon as someone takes the $1 Trial, you’ll get an email from Paypal and my email server! All actions they do from this point are emailed to you, once becoming a member etc or cancelling.

Plus you can use this Awesome Infographic
Add this to your Pinterest account using your AFF link πŸ™‚

For a Nice Recurring aff payment πŸ™‚



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