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I started an experiment using linking loophole

to see how powerful this software is or isn’t, using an insanely competitive term using a relatively new domain = about 6 months old.. only a baby by comparison to the competitors in this niche.

marketing software
it has 160,000,000 competitors in Google, but very very strong domains ranked for this term. e.g aweber is down on page 4.

before starting I updated my site title to include this term in it.

17th June
I did one run of LL on this site using the term
marketing software

as I spoke about in the linking loophole  33 Page SEO PDF, the initial new listing can give a strong indication of where your site will end up in the serps.

on day of first test, my site was not found in the top 1000 in Google

Its important to catch in Google where its first listing appears, it will then drop for a period of time, but this first listing gives a good idea where it will roughly reside in the serps..

So I was checking every 6 hours or so, for its initial listing, this initial listing is only there for 8 to 24 hours.

So I found it… LOL @ ranking 151.. then it disappeared for a bit, then came back. yep at 151 LOL

Here’s the thing though, with this domain im using LL a lot, over different keyword phrases

this is the title

Brute Force Power Twitter Marketing Software – By Peter Drew And Dana Willhoit.

From this title I’m targeting these niches with LL
twitter software
twitter marketing
twitter marketing software
power twitter
power twitter software
marketing software

While using LL on each of these niches, at the same time as getting listings for these individual keyword phrases, I am giving more authority overall to this domain

So its very important to get your title correct, on that reads well in the search engine listings. to ensure you get good CTR from search engine listings, and at the same time, giving you multiple target niches.

As you can see above, from one title I’ve got a lot of different niches to target. I got these keyword phrases from obviously. with this test I was going for search volume only, not worrying about competition.

I wasn’t very happy seeing the low ranking of No 151. though kept at it, knowing this domain is gaining authority all the time from the other LL promotions over the other niches.

2 weeks after the first LL run using term marketing software I did it again.

What I’ve been observing is its gradual rise in the serps. each week it rises roughly 10 positions in google. and is consistently doing this.

I check this niche daily in Google. along with my others. Really, about 5 times a day LOL

Currently this site is ranked 31 out of 160,000,000 competing pages.

I know with one original article and a run of BF I could get this right up there, but this experiement is using only LL.. I did another run using the term
marketing software
last night, give it a week I’ll be on the second page.
I’ll then do a variation of this term
seo marketing software.

and see where its listed. and go from there.

I expect to get 1st page in 2 to 4 weeks, and see what happens then.

You know your in a competitive niche when there’s about 150 paid ads in Google for this term

the point of this post is to show you, you can get your domains listed for VERY Competitive traffic generating terms.

I’ll update this thread over time and see how it goes for this extraordinarily tough niche..

Ok , the above was a serious post.. this below is just a bit of fun

If you remember a while ago, I sold a report called the Badass Affiliate Dominator Report..

Remember that one? sold over 20,000 of them, so most likely you remember it

The bare guts of that theory was and still is leveraging free web2 platforms to give your main site rankings and completely dominating the first couple of pages of Google for your terms, this was in relation to Jumping on new product releases and generating a lot of affiliate sales with your massive presence in Google..

Lots of people are doing this now with each new product launch i see it everywhere..

this due that has quite a large following released this very dodgy software application, called authority loophole
I read his reports and saw the software, and its total rubbish. but that’s not the point here.

The point is, well I thought I could add the word
into my title of this site

which I did

<title>Brute Force Linking Authority Loophole – Ultimate Backlinks – by Peter Drew and Angela Edwards</title>

and I added this word to the title of my LL video in YouTube..

result =

No 1 =
No 4 = my YouTube video

listing for his term
authority loophole

I ran LL over this site 2 times
1 for
authority loophole software
authority loophole

and once over my YouTube URL, this in combination with my powerful SEO Backbone means that is
all that was needed for the YT video.. which will climb higher over time.

This was a bit sneaky, but very cool.. two backlink products, one dominating the others
branding in Google

But really, I’m just doing his customers a favour by exposing them to a superior product
and I used only my product to achieve it. as I said, its just a bit of fun, not that much
competition, only 880,000 etc. So nothing to really brag about, but Im getting some
nice traffic to my site from it, and this is what this strategy is about.

Rounding up.

Do an experiment like I have above. go for insanely tough niches, youve got nothing to lose, at most a bit of time, though the pay off can be extremely profitable. though take note, this can take time, with this one im nearly 6 weeks into it and still only 31. This is what real seo work is about in tough niches..

while at the same time profiting from less competitive niches along the way



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