Heart warming SEO story

This is from my forum, the first post made from one of my customers.

Thought you might enjoy it as much as we in the forum did.


Here’s a good story everyone may enjoy.

I was the vice president of a small company for 10 years. I built the company for the owner who is 40 years older than me. I walked in one day and he gave my job to his son-in-law.

Now what? On the weekend a six figure salary, on Monday unemployed.

Here’s what you do. You do exactly what you know how to do. Build a company to compete against the old one.

Enter Linking Loophole.

I was 42 out of 90,000 pages in Google for my old company’s product name. They were obviously number one. This is a keyword the niche regularly searches.

I ran Linking Loophole twice during the first week. Patience isn’t a virtue of mine. Then, I waited. I bounced up, and then back down, just as Peter said would happen.

Now it is approximately three weeks later and I am NUMBER 2!

I’ve noticed a considerable increase in traffic and more sales BUT, and this is a big BUT, the best part is that…

THEY have no idea how in the hell I am there and I know it is wreaking havoc in their office!

Thanks, Peter.

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