We are taking on the days of Adsense Head on, believe it!

Pennies From Google Adsense? Or Dollars From This…

There’s About To Be A New Sheriff In Town, Buckos…

A Sensational New Site Monetization Platform That Blows Away Adsense…And Any Other CPC/CPA Affiliate Scheme.

Here’s The "Nutshell" View:

It’s a Free system- no charges whatsoever to site publishers or affiliates.

It offers Massive Recurring Income…Earn 10% recurring income from each person you refer to this free service.

It’s an Amazing affiliate opportunity – As it’s Free and Incredibly Lucrative, Conversions will be massive… and retention will be INSANE.

It’s Instant income – you get paid instantly via our Proprietary Instant PayPal Payment System- NO Other Like It.

You can look forward to possibly 100’s of emails each day from PayPal telling you "You’ve Received Money". Those visionaries that grasp the raw Power and Width possible may see 1000’s of these "Love Notes" each day…

This Incredible New Cash Generator…

Targets incredibly easy to dominate, extreme niche markets in the search engines with totally unlimited scale.

Partners the offline business world and online marketers in a mutually profitable process never before available to the public.

Provides an environment where your customers actually compete with each other for Your business! The more quality you provide the more income everyone makes.

Businesses need customers to grow and expand, and Businesses need the web to collect these customers. Savvy online marketers can do this easily, and we provide a platform that marries the offline world and the online world in a unique and simple way where BOTH profit.

Best of all, we’ll even train you completely in the best way to leverage this exciting opportunity into a massive income from your sites…Finally!

Here’s some of the Backstory:

After many years of running 1000 member plus memberships, and Listening TO my membership base, I’ve noted the challenges faced by many of the people with different levels of expertise.

This new system addresses these (and more) issues we have found over the years through our research and observation into why most people do not make it online:

1. Very poorly designed and laid out websites: A lot of people have sites that are just not designed to convert. We show you the RIGHT way to do it, absolutely gratis.

2. No Ability to generate traffic from websites- Insanely Lucrative Niches are just too easy to dominate in the search engines when you have the "secret sauce" of this system working for you.

3. Can’t Find a product to promote across unlimited niches. A big problem my customers have had is choosing a niche and profitable product. Now there are so many that it’s a no brainer- the product is the same across ALL niches! Plus, with our system, we don’t even need to keep them secret anymore…

4. Can’t Find a decent continuity or recurring income product- Many of our customers have had problems finding suitably profitable products to promote, especially those that provide a recurring income, but this solves all that instantly.

5. No Ability to get results FAST to ensure motivation and continued effort- Many people get stuck targeting niches that, while potentially providing good income, are very difficult to rank for in the search engines.

What then winds up happening is that while waiting for success, these people lose interest and quit. Because our new system can produce income immediately, it addresses this problem quite neatly.

My partners and I have created a system that addresses these concerns by providing a platform where everyone can achieve excellent results, from complete newbies all the way up to the wily old pros: ALL will benefit massively from the system we have designed.

We provide a system where offline businesses can be getting new customers from the online world in just minutes: no websites to be created, no costly advertising, no sourcing reliable adwords pros, no complicated seo work involved, etc, etc…

Once a new offline business joins our system they can be recieving new customers from you in only minutes – A true no brainer decision for any offline business person.

This product has been years in the making, and is held and administered by a new company formed by myself and several experienced online marketing partners with diverse and complimentary skill sets.

Each of these online Pros is an acknowledged expert in their field, which ensures quality in every aspect of this new system.

This system represents Many Thousands of dollars, and 6 months development time by a truly genius coder. Get this: He sold his last site to Yahoo for 8 figures.

It’s setup on a network of high-powered servers to handle the initial millions of hits per day we expect, and we’re scalable to handle 10, 50, or 100 times that volume.

In Conclusion:

We are starting Beta 1 with my beta testers very soon- as early as Monday, 28th June ,2010.

After that, my existing loyal membership base gets access to this system before the rest of the world to help populate it and benefit from the ground floor opportunity. These are the folks that have help fund this project, and it’s only right that they should be the first to benefit from it!

Then, it’s GAME ON, and we will release this incredible opportunity to the world at large, and the days of penny clicks from a puny Adsense revenue stream are OVER.

If you’d like to be the first to know about this new "wave" that’s about to wash over the Internet Marketing crowd, enter your name and email below, and make sure you click on the confirmation link sent to you via AWeber so you do not miss out on this.

My goal was to provide a fool-proof system that brought back the glory days of the significant Adsense revenue that many of us enjoyed back in the day ending in 2006. I truly believe this new system is as close as it gets  to those good ol’ days of massive autopilot PPC revenue.

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