Twitter is not just about Marketing

Hi Guys,

long time no see, its been a very hectic last 6 months for us over here..

So thought my first post back after ages should have some merit.

Ive been using twitter for a bit recently and its been fun, lots of traffic and big following, which continues to blow me away.

Speaking of being blown away, the reason for this post, is the response I got to just one Tweet.

This is it..

Back from Hospital Again! My 2yr old has a mouth full of ulcers cannot talk drink or eat, now has a tube to feed and hydrate her 11:07 PM Mar 17th from web

These are the replies I got from just one tweet.

I was totally blown away from this response, and must say had some very nice feelings as a result.. So many nice people out there, from all over the world. I originally made this image up to show my wife the responses, she too was blown away.

So what has all this got to do with marketing and WF?

I speak to lots of people about twitter, and a LOT of people just don’t get twitter.

Personally I was the same, though persevered, when one of my good Marketing buddies explained how profitable it can be. The one point about 100% deliverablity compared to email really struck a cord with me

Marketing isn’t just about work or slaving away obviously, its about having fun aswell.. I experience a lot of fun on twitter, absolutely no doubt about it. and have made some excellent friends via it, that I would never have without it.

Essentially, twitter is about branding yourself. If you represent a product, you can brand the product only and or product and self.. or one self with many accounts branding different products..

If your new to twitter, create an account, get some followers, start off just replying to tweets that interest you.. humour goes a long way on twitter to breaking the ice with other twits out there. You’ll soon get the hang of it. Leave it open in its own browser window and update it a few times a day and reply to people.. you’ll soon find your tweeting about your own stuff. Do not hammer it with product tweets over and over, you’ll loose any cred youve built up pretty fast.

There are a TON of twitter tools and apps out there to help your twitterlife.

Twitter Fan Wiki / Apps (not mine)

There are two simplest forms of traffic from twitter, 1. your url in your profile. 2. By setting up an auto Direct message to each of those that follow you. (see link above for sites that provide these services for free)

ok.. I did get over 100 people take the time to reply to my single tweet about my daughter,

out of over 25,000 followers

(see Twitter / peterdrew + Twitter / peteinoz )

Thats not a massive percentage, though take into account the amount of people who saw that tweet, compared to those who took the time to draft a personal message back to me.

If that was a marketing message, I would have scheduled the same tweet to be posted at different times via my two accounts, covering the many different time zones (search for schedule in the link provided above to do the same) Remember that response was from just one tweet I created after getting home from hospital, most likely if i scheduled that tweet 4 or 5 times over the proceeding 24 hours there would have been 2 to 5 times the result of responses.

So there you go

Twitter isn’t just about Internet Marketing or making money, its also about having fun, meeting other like minded people.. posting interesting stuff to share with others, If its real interesting, your message is retweeted all over the joint,

btw.. once you get to as many followers as I have, your twitter acount goes viral pretty easily, (if your content is good) Im averaging between 500 and 1000 new followers per day

Feel free to follow me, so you can see exactly the how’s and what’s I tweet about.

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Great to be back on board



P.S. In case you are wondering, Isabella is back home now, is still quite ill, cannot talk or swallow her own spit, but is drinking bottles and water, so just need to let nature takes its course.. hopefully sooner rather than later

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