Should you post a WSO? and tips if you do it.

Should you post a WSO? and tips if you do it.


What is a WSO, is a Warrior Special Offer, which means existing members of the warrior forum can post specials to the other forum members. This has proved quite successful for some online marketers, some have even created successful membership sites based directly on their original WSO.So this can be a nice simple way to build a small online business.

Rules from the forum: (opens in new window)

You WSO is live for 3 weeks unless you close it before hand, Plus your WSO goes through a advertising rotation within the whole warriorforum, which is a nice touch. for this reason I’ll leave mine going for 3 weeks to grab additional sales from my wso link being in the rotation.

My experience after my first WSO.

Its here if you’d like to see it My First WSO is a Killer $4 Great for Bums or IM’s

Well I had to give it a go, as I draft this there’s a total of 27 messages in my thread and 1300 page views. I made over $1000 in 2 days ( note as I’m drafting this article, its increased $150), created a new aweber list of over 100, these stats will grow a little more over the next week or two. I’m leaving my WSO running till it expires with is 3 weeks.

Is this successful? I don’t really know, for my product it is, apart from generating sales and some leads, and getting the name of my very nice little software application out there it is. Additionally it was successful since a lot of the sales generated were from the Master Resale Rights of my product, which provides me with additional back end sales. So all in all, to me it was a very successful WSO, compared to others, I really don’t know, better than some and much less than others, that’s for sure.

One of my good internet marketing buddies told me recently, the less they pay, the more they complain, this holds true, as seen in the comments on my WSO. and this is about a $4 product, sheesh. If this product was released for around $997, then I’d understand, and that’s what it would cost to have the features that some people have complained about. I expect the negative comments in my WSO did in fact cost me sales and leads. So you live and learn.

My Strategy.

My title to my WSO, I used strong words, e.g. killer and used terms I believed WF members were used to, e.g Bums and IM’s to draw initial attention. was it good? hard to say.

If you have links to videos and images about your product, put them in the sales copy.

I studied the previously successful WSOs to check the layout they used and the wording they used to communicate with this WF audience. Then replicated a lot of this in my main sales copy.

I’m using Jon Legers $7 script to sell the my product since its such a simple payment script to use with many features, to test his site where you can list your products for free to increase your leads. His script which includes an opt in to aweber as default which is quite nice. Its easy to upload this $7 script to a new directory on my domain and change the price to suit the wso. so my site has the same payment script as the front page of the site, though the price is different, by simply editing the price and paths one php file.

I posted this wso in my forums and sent an email out about it to a couple of my lists. and a post on this blog. though unfortunately i spread these out over a couple of days, next time I’ll do it all at the same time, while my wso is listed at the top of the forum.

I’m going to follow up this up with a second WSO in 2 weeks time, with another product, using the techniques I’ve learned from this WSO with a call to action as they say to this wso, which will be ending soon to generate a few more sales from this original offer. Though in this second WSO I’ll have testimonials from people who I’ve given this product to. If you’d like to be one of them contact me here (subject, Offer to test next WSO), this is the product I’ll be doing next this will be the same price as my first WSO $4 though the Master Resale Rights will be $26 this time. One this second offering, my sales should be greater and a higher opt in to my lists. I’ll report back in 3 weeks with stats from both WSOs and report on stats from original WSO when I release the second to see if it received a bit of extra life.


Interesting Stats.

My Product Price

1. The product = $4. 2. Master Resale rights of same product = $19, What I found interesting was 1 in every 4 people purchased the Master Resale Rights. If I didn’t have a strong back end on my products, in future I’d bump up the MRR a bit since its so popular. About 50% of the people who purchased confirmed their email in Aweber.


You should identify yourself as a warrior and speak in your sales copy directly to the other warriors.

You have the option of taking Paypal money from within the forum itself, or setup a special sales page on your website especially for the WSO, generally this is this does help greatly, you take you Paypal money via this page.

When ever you get a positive reply to your WSO, immediately edit your original sales copy and quote this message on your page which starts the thread. unfortunately I didn’t do this as fast as I should have and I imagine I lost some sales due to it.

After you make a sale, you get an email from paypal, you can use this to generate positive posts about your product, e.g Hi, thanks for your purchase, I hope you enjoy the product, if you enjoy it as much as we do, please comment as such on the thread and give the URL to your WSO, or an email similar to this.

After you post your WSO, pm a couple of previous successful WSO thread starters asking for advice on your copy, some small changes might help convert a lot more sales. Try to find one who’s online currently, make sure your message doesn’t appear as promoting your WSO. only asking for advice.

If you are using Jon Legers $7 script and I suggest you do, its only 7 bucks, Under your opt in box, put text , Make sure you Confirm your email address to be instantly delivered your un announced bonus of Xyz, and setup your aweber to automatically send a bonus report or software download, that you previously purchased the Master Resale Rights to. LOL e.g. my WSO above πŸ™‚ This will dramatically increase your opt in conversions, you’ll notice this is not on my above wso, though I’ll put this on my second.

Give out your product to other Internet Marketers in return for a testimonial , and add it to your WSO sales copy.. yeah yeah I know. I didn’t. Though should have and would of generated more sales :-).

If your going to promote the WSO, by sending the link to it to your list or in forums. do it big time first up. I made the mistake, of doing a bit of promotion, leaving some time then doing more, leaving it and doing it some more. Huge mistake. This is why.

Your WSO success is directly proportional to how high it is in the WSO forum. E.G. Your WSO is exposed more and its CTR is greater the higher it is on the forum list.

E.G there are 40 threads in the WSO forum. top 3 are stickies about how it works etc. So that means that when you start your WSO you’ll be listed at the top. and every other WSO added pushes you down the page. So, this means there is a lot of luck involved. my stats show that after 2 days I went from No1 position down to 33, I started mine on a Tuesday night AU time. You can study this forum more to try to find days of the week that do not have that many WSO’s added, if you can find this, this will help drive the success of your WSO.

Luck is a big factor, since there’s no golden ball to see how many WSO will be added, and how good they are, there’s a lot of luck involved. e.g. you may have what you think is a great product, though soon after you follows a WSO that absolutely kills yours. The only thing you did wrong was post it the wrong time, maybe if you posted it a week before or after with exactly the same product and sales copy it could of been hugely more successful. If this indeed does happen, you can re offer your WSO, I’ve seen people do this in the past and I assume this is the reason why.


Do WSO’s work, yes definitely. If I was not already a developer, I think this would be a cool way to raise some income, start to develop a list, and know how to build it. remember as your list grows, each and every subsequent offering will be simpler, faster, more profitable. If you are a developer this can help get your brand out in the market place easily.

Feel free to duplicate the strategy Ive lined out above. (thats why I typed this document) e.g

Use Jon’s Jon Legers $7 script as the payment processor with paypal. its very simple to setup, if you need help he’s got a forum aswell. Set the script to offer Master Resale Rights if possible.

Additionally you can then list your product in his website for more sales.

then create an additional directory on your domain called wso.

Study previous WSOs and develop a nice title and sales copy to go with your product.

Post your WSO, pay the $20 listing fee, which additionally puts your WSO in the forum advertising rotation.

Promote the link to your wso on the forum as much as possible, all in one go, remembering that the more successful it is, while the listing is at the top of the forum the more sales you’ll generate, compared to when your listing drops down the list.

Hope you enjoyed your read


Pete πŸ™‚

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