Power of RSS feeds and Twitter

A good friend of mine Eiso Kant has been
using twitter for a long time now

I asked him about twitter, this was his

 I doubt if it will ever become mainstream,
but if you really focus on getting followers
it is an amazing marketing tool,
(Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo has done this,
and uses his 20,000 followers, to create
substantial traffic to his search engine
but also to ask questions, and get
almost instant answers, better then
paying for a market survey)

plus he said
The weird thing, once u start using it,
u are very skeptical, but after a few weeks,
and just following a dozen or so people
u start getting really used to it,
it increases the flow of information,
in a faster and nicer manner then rss feeds do


So I joined up www.twitter.com/peterdrew/

Then via this site I also joined

You know I love RSS feeds and saw that
these two sites provide me with my
Own User Account RSS Feed!
Thank you Very Much.

Now heres the fun part.

I post these two feeds

Via my Badass RSS Software to the top 20
Aggregators, ( you can do this by hand if you
have not ordered it yet, or do it for $1 via
the $1 trial at

It gets even better, Ive just installed this
free and very cool twitter tool
called Twirl from http://www.twhirl.org/
to send and recieve tweets without having to
go to the website, Strongly recommend you
get this πŸ™‚

So now Ive got my twirl setup to my twitter
account and I can send and recieve tweets

But this is the great part. Every time I do this
My messages including my content im sharing
with my twitter friends plus included links
is now displayed across the 20 Rss Aggregators

How cool is that?

Twitter has over 4 million pages in Google.

Now My tweets will get indexed in google
which people will find via searches
to grow people following me and send some
more link love to my websites.

Not to mention any links I post will ALSO
be displayed on the 20 RSS Aggregators.

Plus whenever I update any of the blogs
in my friendfeed.com account, these
are instantly updated again across the
20 Aggregators.

I have to say I love my work. !

Thanks for the info Eiso πŸ™‚

Please register at these sites
www.twitter.com and follow me
and www.friendfeed.com to add
your blog feeds and social account
feeds. Then update these new feeds
Across the aggregators. Using my
trial for $1 or you can do it by hand
easily πŸ™‚

Hope to get a tweet from you soon!

You’ll get tweets from me asking
questions about new products, hopefully
getting answers to questions and questions
weve never even thought of πŸ™‚




  1. I have to say I love my work. !

  2. Now My tweets will get indexed in google
    which people will find via searches
    to grow people following me and send some
    more link love to my websites.

  3. Thanks for the info Eiso

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